The Power of Play: Reignite Your Creativity

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The Professional Playmaker

When was the last time you heard a full-grown adult tell you that you should play more? Well buckle up, because that’s Gary Ware’s whole M.O. on this episode of Let It Ride.

Maybe you’re feeling blocked creatively or unmotivated to do the things you previously loved. Perhaps you’ve partaken in the forbidden cup of workplace burnout. Our guest and professional play advocate has discovered the antidote.

Having undergone the ups and downs of corporate culture, Gary introduces a few tools for reigniting our passions—with play. Tools that he has used to excavate himself from the dredges of the creative massacre known as (*DUN DUN DUN*) “corporate culture.”

Recess Is In Session with Gary Ware

It started with an improv class, shattering Gary’s wearisome impression of what the workplace could be. We’re talking a mind-blowing revelation that would forever change the way he leads teams, both for himself and for his clients.

Certified coach and creative catalyst Gary Ware presenting to a crowd
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Gary believes leaders, employees, creatives and entrepreneurs alike can all reap the benefits of a little extra play time. You may be thinking, “how can ‘play time’ get me excited and passionate about anything? How do I start? What am I even supposed to do?”

Find out…when you listen to Gary Ware on Let It Ride.

What you'll hear about

  • Making time for the things you once loved
  • Tangible steps to incorporating a play regiment
  • Becoming an author and unorthodox coach
  • The journey to locs and how to maintain them

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The founder of Breakthrough Play, a corporate facilitator, certified coach and self-proclaimed Creative Catalyst, Gary uses the power of applied improvisation to unlock creativity, confidence and better communication.


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