The Foldthrough: An Advanced Twisted Bun Tutorial

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A Saucy Tie-Up With A Twist

We’ve published dozens of long hairstyles for guys, making them fun and entertaining by ditching the conventional names and throwing some sauce on ‘em. Man bun? Ponytail? Top Knot? WACK! We want banger names like The Sloppy Joe, The Foldover and the infamous Highball. This video tutorial is no different, as we bring you an advanced twisted bun hairstyle that only serious hair guys should try. We call it…The Foldthrough.

Why Is It An Advanced Twisted Bun?

First and foremost, the minimum hair length to pull off this twisted bun style is mid-chest. The longer your hair, the easier it will be to execute. We’ll show you two different hair lengths in the video below, with El Moreno representing medium length hair and El Gnarstavo holding it down for the long length.
El Gnarstavo and El moreno showing off their Foldthrough twisted bun

Another reason a twisted bun like The Foldthrough is advanced is you must have the dexterity in your fingers to be able to do it. There are some tricky maneuvers and finger holds in order to create the “twist” part of this twisted bun. This finger fitness typically comes from having long hair for at least three years and solid experience tying it up.

Two hair ties are needed in order to make this whole thing work. One being a standard Hair Ties For Guys, the other a small rubber band type. The ideal width of this tiny tie is slightly larger than your middle finger.

When you have both of these items, you’re ready to give The Foldthrough a shot.

El Moreno tricky fingers tying up a twisted bun

For Serious Hair Guys Only

Final disclaimer before you dive into the video on this twisted bun. It will probably take a few attempts before you get it fully dialed in. It’s helpful to have someone watch and assist if needed on your first few tries. Don’t get frustrated. Work through your challenges, and before you know it, you’ll be rocking this sick style with ease.

Introducing…The Foldthrough

Did you pull it off? Got any more advanced tie-ups? Share in the comments!