Mastering A Lion’s Mane

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Masterful Hair Advice

It’s not every day you can get hair advice from a master long hair barber, but on this episode of The Longhairs podcast El Sicario sits down with his friend and personal long hair barber, Shelbee Shearz.

The owner and proprietor of The Lion’s Mane Grooming Co. in San Diego, Shelbee is a master barber and educator specializing in men’s long hair.

Shelbee Shearz on the podcast The mane Cave

Going to a barbershop as a guy with long hair can be intimidating. Thankfully, Shelbee goes into detail about the difference in training between short hair and long hair barbers, why it’s important to find the right barber, and why she decided to specialize in guys with long hair. She also provides expert and honest feedback on our hair care products.

All this and more from Shelbee Shearz on this episode of Let It Ride.

El Sicario on the Let It Ride Podcast
Shelbee Shearz on the podcast Let It Ride

What you'll hear about

  • The nuances of being a long hair barber
  • A professional perspective on how often to get trims
  • Why a barbershop can still be a sanctuary for guys with long hair
  • How to get the perfect haircut from your barber or stylist
  • How The Longhairs convinced a barber with 20 years of experience to join our ranks

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The Lion’s Mane Grooming Co.

A destination barbershop offering a refined grooming experience, including handcrafted haircuts, old fashioned hot lather shaves and the best beard shaping in San Diego.


This episode of Let It Ride is brought to you by The Great Cut 2024, where The Longhairs will attempt another world-record charity hair donation for Children With Hair Loss.

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