Sweat, Rinse, Repeat: El Moreno’s Guide to Midweek Hair Maintenance

April 27, 2023
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Winning the Midweek Hair Game

Staying active and working up a sweat is essential, but it can leave your hair feeling less than fresh. Knowing that shampooing every day is not great for your hair (I hope you know that), you may have asked, “how do I manage the sweat?” If you’re earning that greasy hair through rigorous fitness, don’t let the oily mane slow you down my friend. Allow me to explain my midweek hair maintenance routine for the days in-between a shampoo and conditioner cycle.

Moreno’s Sweat Box

To give you a little context on my lifestyle I’ve drastically elevated my fitness over the last year, hitting consistent two-a-days for months on end. I go into further detail in the video below, so be sure to watch. To say the least, my hair is very sweaty…daily!

For my hair and scalp type I aim to shampoo and condition twice a week. This leaves me to figure out the best way to manage my midweek hair maintenance routine.

elefante blow drying his hair during his hair care routine

Embrace the Water Wash

On days when you're not using shampoo and conditioner, a water wash can work wonders. Simply rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and massage your scalp just as if you were applying shampoo. This will help to remove excess sweat, oils, and dirt that you may have accumulated during your punishing workout.

I’ve found you should avoid using super hot water, as it tends to strip away some of your hair's natural oils, leaving it a little crispy and prone to breakage.

Instant Freshies to the Rescue

When your hair starts to look a bit greasy, grab that dry shampoo and give it a go! Focus on the roots and use it sparingly, as a little goes a long way. Dry shampoo will help absorb excess oils and refresh your hair, keeping a tidy look and feel during that extra day or two in-between washes.

Every time I use INSTANT FRESHIES Dry Shampoo I’m amazed with how well it freshens and makes my hair look unsoiled.

Hydrate with Hydro Flow

If you notice your hair feeling dry from the frequent water washes, a leave-in conditioner can be your secret weapon. Apply a generous amount to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, avoiding the roots. This will provide the much-needed hydration while preventing frizz.

I’d be hard-pressed without my HYDRO FLOW Leave-In Conditioner. As soon as I apply the stuff I can feel the difference. Always put it on with damp hair for the best absorption into the hair cuticle. By the time my hair is dry, I’m left with a ton of body and shine to the lower lengths.

The Mane Hog Magic

A boar bristle brush is a game-changer in your midweek hair maintenance routine. It helps distribute your hair's natural oils from the scalp to the ends, promoting healthier hair and extending the need for a full shampoo cleanse. I’m thunderstruck by the finish my hair seems to have everytime I use The Mane Hog mixed boar bristle/nylon brush.



So Fresh & So Clean

By following these essential midweek hair maintenance steps, you'll not only look like a long-haired champion, but you'll also feel confident, knowing your mane is fresh, healthy, and ready to conquer any challenge. Stay strong, and let it ride my fellow longhair!
Do you do anything different in your midweek hair maintenance routine?
  1. I think I have to start using Hydro Flow a little more often. I’ve been staying away due to a typically oilier scalp, but I tried it pretty recently and LOVED how my hair looked and felt after.

  2. effectively, as the american hair products are full of oils, butters and waxy fatty alcohols ( cetearyl, cetearylic), you need a sufficient water temperature to liquefie it and eliminate the excessive amounts recommendation: between 35 and 40 °C ( 95 to 105 °F)
    for those who use sci based shampoo bars ( now very common in Europe), you need also this temperature to solve, and eliminate it ( this tensive go Cristal when cold)