Why I’m Cutting My Hair After 6 YEARS

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Chill Out, Man

Once upon a time I was a super hard-ass, max testosterone at all times sort of guy and I wasn’t super pleasant to be around. I hadn’t started my life-long journey of mastering The Subtle Art of Being a Good Dude.

A lot has changed since my last short hair cut. I got married, most people had never heard of a global pandemic, and I started working for The Longhairs, to name a few.

Most importantly I learned how to frickin chill out.

Jose Mejia laughing while on The Longhairs Podcast Let It Ride

I’m Cutting My Hair After 6 Years

These days I like to think I’m a pretty laid back dude.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you growing long hair made all the difference, but it was certainly a part of it. As I started to better myself and become the guy I actually wanted to be, I decided to let my hair grow.

Growing long hair taught me how to be patient. It was a big challenge for the person I was, but it helped me see that I can change—and that’s not a bad thing. Growing my hair was a vehicle for learning how to Let It Ride…but after six years, it’s time to cut my hair.

Jose Mejia Warehouse operations manager of The Longhairs holding his hair questioning why he's going to cut it after 6 years
Photo Credit: Erica Joan

So Why Cut It?

Before I was a member of the staff, I was a customer. Like many others, I had never had long hair, and The Longhairs offered the guide I was looking for. I loved everything about this brand and the message they were putting out.

What blew me away more than anything was this huge event they pulled off. These guys were different from the soulless companies you see and hear about, leaving no doubt about it. How many brands are willing to convince thousands of people to donate the one thing by which the company makes its revenue??

Enter The Great Cut

The event I’m referring to is The Great Cut. In 2019, The Longhairs broke the Guinness World Records title for most hair donated to charity in 24 hours.

The sheer audacity of these guys to pull this off impressed me and made me a devout follower. It was the catalyst for me to seek them out, get involved, and become a full-time member of the team in 2021.

Now it’s 2024 and my hair is sittin’ pretty at 24 inches. I’ve committed to cutting my hair after six years of growth and I couldn’t be more excited. What makes it extra special for me is not just participating, but playing an integral role in making The Great Cut happen.

The Longhairs team standing in the hallway of The Lafayette in San Diego
Photo Credit: Erica Joan

Will I Still Be The Same Dude?

I’m not sure if I’ll recognize myself once I’ve cut my hair. A lot has changed since I was a short-hair. It’s definitely something I’ve given a lot of thought to.

One thing is certain: cutting my hair after six years of growing will be bitter-sweet. My long hair has become a part of me, down to my mental image of myself. I’ll be sad to see it go. That said, I hope it’ll bring a child with hair loss as much joy as it brought me.

I’m happy about the man I became during my hair journey. I think I’m even more excited to see who I can become the next time around.

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