Destined to Donate: A Toddler’s Path To The Great Cut

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When Should We Schedule His First Haircut?

That’s what my spouse asked me in 2021 about our 1-year old. Without hesitation my response was swift and firm: “I already took care of that, it’ll be back in California at The Great Cut.”

There may have been a hint of surprise at the audacity to suggest a trim, because both my wife and our firstborn son donated their hair at The Great Cut in 2019. I assumed it went without say…our second son is donating in 2024.

A Toddler’s Path To The Great Cut

Long Hair Lives In The Heart

I’ve never had long hair. As an only child who enjoyed crew cuts, flat tops, and lightning bolts shaved into my head, my family never dealt with long hair. To this day my professional occupation prohibits me from growing long hair.

So outside of my wife’s side of the family, we weren’t especially prepared for having two boys with long hair.

But long hair lives in this heart. As an avid follower and supporter of The Longhairs, I have read or watched or listened to a decade of The Longhairs’ content. At home and at work, many of their core values resonate with me. For a short-haired guy, I know a heck of a lot about long hair.

These many hours of education have proven necessary in training a short-hair father on the tactics, techniques, and procedures required for dealing with the many nuances and long hair problems when you have boys with long hair.

A Toddler’s Path To The Great Cut

A Short-Haired Dad With Long Hair Problems

My son has thick, red, lucious, wavy long hair. The kind that makes me regret not taking time to brush it at home. Especially when I’m delaying the school drop-off queue while trying to harness the unruly mess.

Once, Abuela cut his bangs. While frustrated, I understood my mom’s intent to be helpful, especially observing the swim instructors wiping hair out of his eyes and glaring at me. Drying and brushing is always risky, as catching a single tangle incurs wrath and fury.

These and other long hair problems forced me to adapt and overcome. I upgraded to a superior brush. I implemented a dutch braid to blend his uneven bangs. And instead of chasing a diapered toddler around the house, I keep him trapped in his high chair to brush and tie up his hair.

A Toddler’s Path To The Great Cut

With Problems, Come Joy

Now, I enjoy braiding his hair like a Viking warrior. I take pride in always having a seasonally appropriate hair tie on my wrist, ready to reach back into the child seat and whip a quick high ball.

I love watching the wildly youthful and vibrant energy radiating from my son. His enthusiasm for life is contagious. I live vicariously through his hair flowing on a swing, or catching salt spray on the beach.

I promise you, long hair lives in our hearts.

A Fate Sealed At Birth

We’re in a good spot now, though it hasn’t been easy. With just over a month remaining in a toddler’s path to The Great Cut, we intend to make it to the finish line.

All family members and babysitters are educated on the value of donating hair. Everyone knows the strategically-placed hair ties in the house, and we’re all committed to the purpose.

It can’t be a family tradition if we don’t follow through, and we are not going to pass up the opportunity to donate my son’s mane for a child who can’t grow hair.

Is your toddler growing long hair to donate? Leave some tips & tricks in the comments (or challenges you’ve faced), and we’ll see you at The Great Cut!