Why Do We Partner With Children With Hair Loss?

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Healing Young Hearts Since 2000

The Longhairs’ proud charity partners since 2017, Children With Hair Loss provides quality, customized hair replacements to children with medically-related hair loss at zero cost to the families.

Founded in 2000, they have provided over 8,000 hair replacements to children across the country, and they’ve never charged a dollar or turned a child away.

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True Partners

They weren’t our first charity partners. After disappointing experiences with other organizations, we met Regina, Christine and the Children With Hair Loss family. We immediately knew we had found a caring, dedicated, professional charity we’d be lucky to partner with.

Starting with sharing their booth space with us at hair shows, we became fast friends and we’ve been supporting each other ever since!

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The Annual Charity Ball

Each November The Longhairs attend the annual Children With Hair Loss Charity Ball in Livonia, MI, where hair replacement recipients and their families spend a weekend meeting kids and families just like them, making friends, and just feeling normal.

It all culminates at the Saturday evening charity ball: a black-tie banquet and fashion show, where all the kids get to dress up and strut their stuff on the catwalk.

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Charity Ball 2023

This year almost 60 kids and their families attended the weekend event, the most ever, along with nearly 700 guests at the ball. Once again El Rubio and El Moreno had the privilege to emcee and introduce the children on the big stage, a role we’re proud and honored to serve.

We can honestly say that getting to know these kids and their parents, spending a weekend reconnecting or getting acquainted for the first time, is one of the hallmark moments for The Longhairs each and every year.

This year was especially crucial, as we look ahead to The Great Cut 2024, renewing and reinvigorating within us the driving force and determination this world record hair donation is going to require.

We are sure you’ll agree, when you watch the dramatic recap and highlights from the 2023 Children With Hair Loss Charity Ball.

That’s Why We’re Doing The Great Cut

That sums up why we go to such extraordinary lengths, and why the hair and proceeds from The Great Cut go to Children With Hair Loss, our proud charity partners and the most reputable and respected hair donation charity in the field.

That’s also why we made these extra-special hair ties, where 100% of the proceeds are funding The Great Cut. Help us help Children With Hair Loss help these and hundreds of other kids in 2024 by ordering any of our “Growing To Donate” hair ties, apparel or swag at thegreatcut.us.


Ideal Gift For…

All the long hair on your list! Moms, aunties, sisters, cousins and all the guys with long hair. They make great bracelets, you’ll be supporting The Great Cut, and everyone loves hair ties!