Long Hair In The Kitchen

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Hair In The Food, Hair In Your Face, Hair In The Fire

Yo longhair, El Mitcherino here! We’ve all experienced some of these painful and humiliating long hair problems, but the heat gets turned up when you’re dealing with long hair in the kitchen.

Loose hair falling into your filet? Unappetizing! Hair obstructing your view? Quite a nuisance! Worst of all, the thought of your hair catching fire is terrifying! Avoiding these outcomes while ensuring meals are cleanly and safely prepared can be a challenge.

As the resident culinary craftsman at The Longhairs, here I’ll dive into the most effective tools and tactics for mastering your long hair in the kitchen, so pre-heat the oven, roll up your sleeves and let’s get cooking!

Kitchen Objectives

In addition to preparing a nutritious, delicious meal, our key objectives in the kitchen are hygiene, visibility, and safety. We must ensure our hair doesn't contaminate the food we're preparing, that it doesn't obstruct our vision while cooking, and it's kept safe from hazards like fire or machinery.

How To Manage Long Hair In The Kitchen

Hygiene and Maintenance

Good hygiene is paramount in the kitchen, and that includes your hair. Regular shampooing and cleanliness should be attended to, while regular trims help keep the hair neat and tidy, less likely to fall into the soup.

Avoid Touching Your Hair

You might love running your fingers through your locks, but the kitchen is not the place. Avoid touching your hair at all times while cooking or preparing food. If you must adjust your hair, remember to wash your hands thoroughly before resuming.

Tie It Up

The most practical and straightforward solution is to tie your hair up in a high ball or a menstail, or better yet a stylish, functional braid! This not only keeps the hair out of the face but also prevents it from coming into contact with food.

Headbands & Headwraps

Our very own headwraps, thin headbands and thick headbands can be especially useful here. Lots of options to keep your hair in place with many colors and patterns to add your own personal flavor. Look good, feel good…make good food!

Hair Nets & Chef Hats

While they might not be the most fashionable accessories, hair nets and chef hats are designed to keep your hair secured and prevent it from falling into the food. These are a must in any professional kitchen.

Handle Your Long Hair In The Kitchen

Whether I’m cooking for guests or my whole family, these are my favorite tools and tactics for managing my long hair in the kitchen. Whichever I choose on a given day, I’m sure to use good hygiene, secure my hair so I can see what I’m doing, and maintain a safe cooking environment.

Anything I missed? I hope these help for next time you’re getting busy in the kitchen!

My favorite dish to make is Sinigang. Share yours in the comments!

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