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Things That Need To Be Said About Dads

Since meeting the “shred lords with long hair” at our old HQ circa 2015, Ryan Shorthill has grown his hair back out, expanded his experiential education companies for youth organizations and businesses, and established a fellowship of dads helping dads.

After a briskly-paced compendium through many dozens of countries, acts of service, programs taking kids into the wilderness camping and seeing stars for the first time, and seeing his business plan unfold like a ticker tape in his mind’s eye, Ryan says some things that need to be said about dads.

Ryan Shortill holding a long board and posing with long hair and a hat

The Kids Are Gonna Come Up Better

If a universal dad story has emerged from the early stages of Dad’s Organization, it’s this:
“We’re all breaking our neck for our families and our kids…and I don’t know the level of appreciation each of us gets, but there’s no doubt each of these men are thinking about their kids and working to be better for their families.”

It’s something that brings us together, Ryan implores, and appealing to fathers with an unrepentant energy and conviction, he urges his cadre to unite and support each other in fellowship…and the kids are gonna come up better for it.

These messages for dads with long hair and all dads, with an abundance of poignant revelations and thoughtful anecdotes full of wisdom and foresight…when you listen to Ryan Shortill on The Longhairs podcast.

Chris Healy and Lindsay Barto speaking on Let It Ride
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What you'll hear about

  • If it was easy it would be different
  • Why dads have to hold the line
  • The battle with kids and technology
  • Healthy masculinity and the men’s movement
  • The balance of femininity and the family unit
  • Letting the hair down at corporate trainings
  • Long hair makes us love hard
  • Live free or die
A must listen for every dad—and everyone who loves a dad.

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Ryan Shortill

Founder of Dad’s Organization, Positive Adventures & Onyx Offsites & Trainings, Ryan Shortill is an endless traveler, tireless volunteer, determined father, avid snowboarder and true idealist striving for the liberation of all his brothers and sisters.
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