El Rubio’s 4-Year Hair Update

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The back of El Rubio's head where he has a perfectly round bald spot

About That Bald Spot

It’s been two years since my last official hair update, where I revealed a concerning patch of hair that had apparently fallen out, leaving a perfectly round bald spot on the back of my skull. Since then many of you tight bros have been asking what’s the deal, and while I’ve been mum on the subject I appreciate you asking. Here at long last, I reveal it all in my four-year hair update.

El Rubio and family on the Mormon Pioneer Trail

Obligatory Origin References

As I write I’ve been traveling with my mother and 88-year-old grandfather for the last nine days from Nauvoo, Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah, following the paths of our ancestors on the Mormon Pioneer Trail.

El Rubio looking down into a city during his trip around the world

That might not seem relevant, but it was the topic of the first blog post I ever wrote, which was the precursor to my life-shaping trip around the world, which in part led to the foundations of The Longhairs, which has brought you here now.

It’s all cyclical as they say. We’ve all had different paths to long hair, yet here we are: united through flow—which I certainly hadn’t imagined when I wrote that blog post.

The Big Four-Year Hair Update

If you’ve read this far you must complete the experience by watching my long-awaited, much-anticipated, soon-to-be-vindicated four-year hair update. I’ll check in on the length, that concerning bald spot, and look ahead to The Great Cut 2024, from which we are now less than one year out.

This is what we trained for.

El Rubio pointing directly at YOU


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March 16, 2024
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