Long Hair Jiu Jitsu Practitioner Chris Lucas

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Fatherhood, Rolling, Working Hard

Imagine getting triangle-choked by a guy with magnificent hair. On this episode of Let It Ride El Sicario sits down with Chris Lucas, a personal friend and brown belt who’s not afraid to roll with his long hair in jiu jitsu.

Chris Lucas performing Jiu-Jitsu - WITH LONG HAIR!
A long-haired jiujiteiro, former combat medic, father and husband, it’s safe to say he’s a man of many disciplines. In this profoundly genuine conversation, Chris Lucas opens up on the importance of finding a community, always striving to be your best self, and how long hair and jiu jitsu indelibly changed his life.
Jose Mejia on an episode of Let It Ride discussing long hair in jiu jitsu
Chris Lucas on an episode of Let It Ride discussing long hair in jiu jitsu

What you'll hear about

  • Being a combat medic in Iraq
  • Cultivating a fulfilling life after the military
  • The nuances of raising a son
  • Having long hair in jiu jitsu


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Chris Lucas giving a thumbs up

Chris Lucas

Chris Lucas is a former Navy Corpsman, a surfing San Diego native, a certified jiu jitsu assassin, a father, husband, and an all around rad dude.


How To Tie Long Hair In Jiu Jitsu

This episode of Let It Ride is brought to you by The Great Cut 2024, where The Longhairs will attempt another world-record charity hair donation for Children With Hair Loss.

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