Introducing The Center For Awkward Stage Hair

In Educate by El Moreno / August 17, 2023 / Comments 7

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  1. I wish I had this when I was growing my hair out!!! After donating next year at The Great Cut I’ll def be back to digest all this again.

  2. as a very old and long time longhair (for the europeans, french speaking native), if you need tips, you can ask me
    what my experiment teached me
    grow out for yourself, nobody other or you will soon relapse to buzzcut
    when you cut to donate, wait to have sufficient length to be bobbed after the donation (i’ ve recently meet in a french garden a teen boy who was growing out for a second donation; i tipped him to, after, grow out for himself)
    prepare your growing out by an accepted thick haircut; you will recover the time as you get quicker a neat longhair cut or tying your mane ( the ” center part cut” is a good base)
    and, from the Alcoholic Anonymous, an efficient practicing: promise yourself the morning not cutting today; tomorrow, God only know

  3. from a long time long hair ( much of yours were n’ yet born when i grew out)
    for those who want donate hair, then regrow out: if your hair isn’t long enough to be bobbed at the Great Cut, you can wait it is grown out sufficient length, go to your stylist and send the donation to CWHL org; it will avoid you a new akward stage; last month, i meet at a garden fest in Loos Fr a teen boy who had done a donation and growing out to make a second, an i gave him this tip ( and after, growing for himself)
    avoid growing out directly from a buzzcut; before thicken your mane maintaining it short till the top hair reach the ears summit; after, you will recover this time by getting soon a neat long hairstyle or the capacity to tie your hair
    then a technique token from the Alcoholics Anonymous and very efficient: promise yourself not entering today a barber’s; tomorrow, nobody ( except God) knows
    fundamental: you grow out for you only; if you do it for your wife or your boss, you have a severe risk of encountering soon a trimmer………..
    and, El Moreno: you ought open also a forum for mutual help, including Shelbee’s advices

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