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Power Through the Awkward Stage

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A Longhair ConversationEvery longhair has been through it. And every aspiring longhair must make the journey. We took some time to speak with Randal Hollis, a promising longhair novice and awkward stage man. Not only is Randal a dear friend, but he and his branding studio Product Etcetera™ are the creators of the Longhairs logo and visual brand identity. And that’s dope shit. Working with the Longhairs had Randal inspired, so we asked him for a perspective from the outside looking in.The Center For Awkward Stage HairVisit The CenterA word with RandalWhat is the hardest thing about the awkward stage? The hardest part about mid phase awkward stage hair is feeling like you look like shit, or look stupid. Not being able to put your hair in a full-on, strong bun is pretty terrible too. How do your family and friends feel about your hair? I’ve been told I look …