1 Year Hair Update | Awkward Stage Resistance Points

March 26, 2020
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The Awkward Stage is...Easy?

It’s been one full year since the big hair donation at The Great Cut, where my head was shaved down to the skin. Time has flown by and when I think back to a year ago, I can recall how much fear I was feeling about awkward stage hair.

In fact if you look back at my first hair update I call the upcoming phase “major awkward stage,” believing I would have to push through something incredibly difficult.

Believe it or not, growing my hair out (this time) has been far less challenging than I feared. I’d even say the awkward stage is easy.

The Four Points of Pressure

First, what makes the awkward stage so hard to overcome?

We can break down the awkward stage into four distinctive Awkward Stage Resistance Points, or as I like to call them, the four points of pressure: age, relationship status, job and family.

How susceptible you are to each resistance point is largely dependent on the factors that make up your life profile.

As it turns out, I have a unique life profile that has positioned me for success through the awkward stage, weaving through resistance points like a wide-tooth comb through a freshly-conditioned mane. Let me explain.

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Awkward Stage Resistance Points


I’m 34 years old with enough experience under my belt to be comfortable in my own skin, no matter my hair length. I would have considered this process much harder between the ages of 14 to 25 simply because I didn’t have the same confidence.

Younger guys who may still be in school or living with your parents, your age plays a part in the pressure you’re going to experience. Good news though, we have the ideal tool for you to overcome this resistance. More on that in a minute.

Relationship Status

Fortunately I have an incredible wife, so concerning myself with “looking good” to appeal to women is not in my universe. Trust me though, it was for many years. From high school until I met La Rubia, “looking good” really mattered, and for me that basically translated to having a sharp haircut.

All you bros out there pushing through the awkward stage and still working to get dates, just be confident. Believe in yourself and remember... she’s not in it for the hair, she’s in it for the heart!


Owning your own business is a huge benefit when growing your hair out. Being the co-founder of The Longhairs there is no boss or HR department breathing down my neck about a grooming policy. That makes things pretty easy.

In other workplaces it may not be the boss. Maybe your co-workers are busting your balls about your hair. Over time that can start to feel heavy, getting you thinking about a haircut. Stay strong and stick to the path my friend.


There is a unique bonus layer to this category for me. Working for a business with a core focus to inspire confidence, develop masculinity and foster community among guys growing their hair has cemented buy-in from the family. I’m blessed with support from all sides of my family and they are some of our biggest fans.

For you that may not be the case. You may be feeling the strongest resistance from your family. Just remember you’re doing this for you, not for them.

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If You’re Feeling the Pressure

You might be feeling these pressure points more than me, we all have a unique life profile. I’m lucky my path has presented almost zero resistance this time around, but for the guys who are met with strong resistance at every turn, we feel for you. And we’re here for you.

Grow With Purpose

The most effective tool to overcome any of the four awkward stage resistance points is to grow your hair with purpose. We humbly submit there be no greater purpose than The Great Cut 2024, where we intend to break the world record hair donation for a second time.

By making a commitment to donate your hair, not only will you have a specific goal to shoot for, you will eventually help a child in great need. If you donate at TGC2024, you’ll have a chance to be part of something legendary.

You’ll also have a pretty damn good reason (excuse?) to grow your hair out for the next four years, a powerful tool for overcoming the resistance. If you want to grow your hair out, enjoy it for a few years and then donate it...this is your time.

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Making The Awkward Stage Easy

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You’ll also want to join this awesome Facebook group “Tips for Men With Long Hair”, a great place for making some friends, asking questions and hearing from guys with flow.

Until next time boys, C’YA!

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