El Moreno’s First Hair Update After The Great Cut

April 28, 2019
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One Month From the Skin

It’s been over one month since The Great Cut, where I shaved my head and donated all my hair to Children With Hair Loss. Now, I’m storming back.

So far on the journey back to long hair I’ve regrown over ½ inch and I can honestly say it has been a breeze.

Showers take half the time, I never have to worry about wet hair, it dries in seconds. No combing, brushing, hair in my face, eyes or mouth, no tying or tangles, generally no worrying about hair at all. Honestly it’s been a nice change of pace.

But like any journey that’s worth anything there is a challenge ahead and I can see it on the horizon. It’s a little way out still but it’s coming...FAST. Major awkward, I mean MAJOR AWKWARD STAGE.

We’ve written about it, we’ve given our best advice, we’ve shared tools, tips and tactics, we’ve offered encouragement and inspiration to push through.

Yet with all the aid we’ve provided to aspiring longhairs, there is one thing we have never done, and that’s show you how to do it ourselves, step by step, month by month.

That’s what I intend to do with my journey back to long hair.

The goal is to have you come along for the ride, walk you through each of the phases as I’m going through them, and we power through the awkward stage together.

I commit to you that I will not waver, I will hold strong, I will give you the best advice, practical solutions and all the inspiration you need to carry on. I’m making the commitment to grow it long with you, and nothing will get in the way.

Watch my first hair update after one month in the journey back to long hair.



El Moreno With Long Hair
El Moreno With Short Hair

Grow It Out With El Moreno

Co-Founder and Chief Follicle Office (CFO) at The Longhairs, El Moreno first grew his hair long in 2012, letting it ride for seven years before shaving his head at The Great Cut and donating 24 inches of hair. He’s growing it back out and he wants you to grow it out with him.

Whether you’re growing it out to donate or just to let it ride, join El Moreno’s hair update list for videos, progress checks and real-time tips and tactics through the awkward stage and beyond.


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