Trouble Brewing for The Longhairs 😱

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Upping the Ante in Puerto Rico

As if our goals were not ambitious enough, we’ve been made aware the Guinness World Record we are attempting to break at The Great Cut—Most hair donated to charity in 24 hours.—has not only been broken, but shattered.

While details are scarce, the official record now states:

The most hair donated to charity in 24 hours is 338.67 pounds and was achieved by Fundación Cabecitas Rapadas (Puerto Rico), with the support of San Juan Beauty Show, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on October 14, 2018, where more than 2,300 people donated their hair during the 24 hours period.
It’s unclear how the record was achieved, or what organization the hair was donated to, but we have confirmed the new record with our Guinness World Records representative.

What Does This Mean?

You could say the news was discouraging. Just when the hair donations and registrations were coming in hot, when we cautiously thought just maybe we can actually pull this thing off...we’ll now have to collect and donate almost double the amount of hair we’d previously set our crosshairs on.

Good thing El Moreno is going all in.


What Else Can We Do?

We have been hitting every angle we can possibly think of. What more can we do?

We’ll tell you what we’re not gonna do: give up. We are too deep in this thing. And with 14 days remaining before the cut of all cuts, we must redouble our efforts.

As we stand at the edge of a seemingly impossible goal, we humbly beseech your help in our quest. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Share this video.
  2. Contact salons and barber shops in your area and tell them about The Great Cut—they can mail hair donations they have previously collected.
  3. Personal calls, texts or messages to your friends, family and acquaintances with long hair, asking if they will consider donating to The Great Cut.

For your assistance we are eternally grateful. Only time will tell….if The Longhairs will prevail.



  1. as it is usual in France or Belgium before an event , for wishing you good luck, je vous dis” merde”
    and i drink my coffee to your health !!!

  2. the world record is important for the advertising of the only
    in fact, for this charity, the most important is providing the most wigs to alopecia suffering children
    for that, they need hair, but also, and more important, buckets to pay the wigmaker ( 2000 to 4 000 us$ for each wig)

  3. Muchachos ~ there’s no room for lingering doubts!

    The numbers have been updated, so let’s update the effort to match!


  4. My darling hubby fed exes my hair. But forgot the form. Yikes! So I sent it out out USNail. Hope you got my note and form. Hope you can use my donation. That was two haircuts from me!

  5. I have cut my hair, have a ticket as a mail participant, but STILL no email that says where to mail the braid??

    1. Author

      Hi Mary thanks for letting us know. Looks like we sent it on February 14th, you can see a screenshot here. It may have gone to your spam or a promotions tab. I’ve just now personally resent it to your email. Let me know if we’re looking good 🙂

  6. Seriously? Y’all are freaking me out! I’m spending major bucks to be a part of this. Y’all have some major work to do in a week! I want to get this done!

    1. Thank you for participating Kimberly! We are deeply grateful.

      Thanks also for the friendly reminder we have major work to do. We’ll get to it.

  7. Already donated a pound of hair last week!!! If I had much more to donate, you bet I would!!! Best of luck guys!!

  8. As the day approaches, I am becoming more and more excited but also more nervous. My hair is half way down my back and I do not want to end up with shorter than shoulder length hair. Can the hairdressers guarantee that I will end up with at least close to shoulder length hair?

    I had a horrifying accident 3 years ago that occurred that last time I donated hair, where after I donated 12 inches, the hairdresser just kept cutting near the base of my neck. I am deeply afraid of something like this repeating, because it devastated me. How can I know that I can trust these strangers?

    1. Author

      They will be working within tight guidelines. They will only remove what you are willing to donate and no more. I guarantee you’ll have an amazing experience.

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