El Moreno Going All In for The Great Cut

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Because Long Hair Lives In The Heart

Since the beginning it’s been all heart.

Creating this brand, publishing each piece of content, developing our products, building and maintaining the website, responding to your comments and questions, and pressing on.

It’s come from the heart.

We are so passionate about what we are doing here, we believe so much in this community and we care so much about our charity partners, that we’re putting it all on the line to assemble the greatest charity hair-cutting event in history.

And just like we’re giving it everything we’ve got to pull this off, I’m doing the same thing when it’s my turn to go under the shears.

See why I’m cutting off all my hair for The Great Cut: what it means for me, what it means for the kids and what it means for The Longhairs.



  1. I get all of it. I might be selfish but I just don’t want to cut my hair. I’m a long hair not a shorthair lol. Plus this is the first time I’ve ever had long hair after growing it for almost 3 years. I always wanted it and never thought I could do it but have long great hair at 36 years old.

  2. I haven’t had long hair before, I grew it for my daughters for last Halloween (to be Sirius Black), I decided to keep it just for a donation. I have not had a trim since September of 2016, I will be donating it all. Just before Christmas last year I met a woman in Sams club who’s son has alopecia, I told her about the event and she said she would tell her son and try to go to the event…. from here in NM. I have 10.5” now. I will admit that the hair drives me crazy, but my insulting Exwife thrashes me to my kids for trying. So I think I will donate every three years just to irritate her. I’m going to be there to donate this time and hope I will be able to time it right to have longer hair for the next time if you try again.

  3. Some kid somewhere will have a better life because of your gift. I just hope this isn’t the end of the longhairs (rebranding as the shorthairs would not be cool).

    If you can successfully navigate the awkward stages and get to full flow again a couple of years from now this will be an inspiration for those that have 2 navigate this difficult journey (and perhaps be the difference between them powering through it or giving up).

    You could do a whole blog on how to trim and style hair in different stages so it looks less awkward when it is growing out. If you can make the awkward less bad and more badass there would be less stigma around this.

    You could keep a weekly/monthly blog on your successes and struggles through the various stages,

  4. I agree with Danny, the symbol for this site might as well be open scissors ready to cut at this point ✂️. There are plenty of things we can do for charity (and I contribute whenever I can), that don’t involve constantly asking a community of specifically men with long hair to cut their hair several times a year. It’s counterintuitive and unnecessarily limiting, just because we’re “longhairs” doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice that status every time we want to spread the love. It’s kind of a shame that cutting it off seems to be so entrenched here as a moral idea at this point.

    1. Author

      Got to look at the big picture man. Not everyone is going all the way like me. El Rubio will still have long hair as will El Gustavo. We’ll still be pumping out tons of long hair content and some really badass new products this year. As for me, I’ll be powering back to long hair and documenting the entire process. Awkward stage is one of the most asked about, searched and read topics on our website. It’s time that we properly document it and bring hundreds of guys in together to grow at the same time, with confidence and purpose.

  5. I admire what you are doing El. There are a LOT of people out there who either can’t donate or still feel a sting whenever someone says, “you need to cut your hair.” I hope you guys address the rest of us too who are feeling some anxiety over The Great Cut. While it will never be close to what those who have lost their hair feel, I think it’s worth mentioning.

  6. For whatever it’s worth I have mad respect for you bro! Preach it and live it!

  7. I get being charitable but I think there are other ways people could raise money without cutting off our hair. I keep getting emails from thelonghairs encouraging me to cut my mane. Shouldn’t you guys be encouraging people to keep their hair? Not very fun being a long hair with short hair. I get it you can grow it back but I wouldn’t cut my hair for anything except for if it was to save my wife or kids lives, but that’s a ridiculous scenario. I applaud you guys for doing something good for kids and having a fun event, but losing your hair is not the reason I come to this website. I guess you can grow it back and will, but that takes 2 years.

    1. Danny it is not just about the money, it is hard to get hair long enough to donate to make long hair wigs for young girls with these issues, I think if your child was going through this you would want some people to donate you yours. I will leave it up to my 9yr old if she decides to after we get there, she has never had more than a trim since birth. She is behind me 110%.

  8. Ahhhhh!!! Love this!! SO pumped for the event!!! You guys are what this World needs more of!! Keep doing and believing – You’re moving mountains! 🙂

  9. you are excessive, El Moreno: with your length, you can do a very honorable donation staying to a chin length bob ( to avoid another akward stage)…

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