The Best Hair in Rock & Roll

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Rock Hair For The Ages

We’ve celebrated long locks in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. We’ve admired manes from world-renowned scientists, American presidents and legendary warriors. We’ve even shown love for the great lettuce in fiction, the old American west and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It therefore seems inconceivable we’ve never covered the best hair in rock and roll… until now.

Rock hair’s heyday was the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, but some contemporary artists made the list in their own right. And while not every musician is enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, each is a first-ballot fail-safe to the foyer of famous flow.

Whether you spell it rock & roll, rock ‘n roll, or just plain rock and roll, let’s bang our heads and do a deep dive on rock’s best locks.

The Best Locks in Rock

Led Zeppelin

All discussions of best hair in rock and roll start and end with Led Zeppelin. Shown at the peak of their follicle prowess, the song remains the same to this day. Robert Plant, the rock hair GOAT, still dominates the hair game at 72 years young.

All the 80’s glam bands dreamed of being Zeppelin on and off the scalp, but none could wrest “The Hammer of the Gods.” If hair has an afterlife, Led Zeppelin is on a stairway to heaven.

72 year old Led Zeppelin lead singer with loosely curled long hair, Robert Plant,  pouts his lips while grabbing the microphone, featured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.
1960s vintage promo poster of Led Zeppelin's Hammer of the Gods, featured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.Another 1960s vintage promo poster of The Led Zeppelin Saga, Hammer of the Gods, featured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.
A rainbow painting an angel ascending the stairway to heaven leading to the Mothership Led Zeppelin blimpfeatured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley is the deepest, heaviest rock star ever, and he played reggae music. A huge part of rock is standing up for something. Songs about peace, love and freedom ( I prefer “freeness”) were most powerful and cool when Bob sang them.

Bob Marley’s hair never got shorter, only longer, and it looked alive when he performed, bouncing wildly all night long. Bob Marley said, "Trust the universe and respect your hair." Bare witness to the hair fitness!

Bob Marley with thick long dread locs past his chest singing deeply into a microphone he is holdingfeatured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.
Rasta colored vintage Bob Marley promo poster with Marley twisting his head to the side, causing his long locs to flyfeatured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz is studly. Lenny had a daughter with Lisa Bonet, who recently split up with Jason Momoa, also studly. Lenny and Lisa’s daughter, Zoë Kravitz, is starring as Catwoman in the new Batman movie, “The Batman.” She is lady-studly. Genetics are real.
Lenny Kravitz's iconic "Mama Said" album cover, black and white photo of Lenny with his long locs flipping through the air, head turned to the left, with sunglasses on, a long feathery scarf, fashionable coat, and striped pantsfeatured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.
Lenny Kravitz "Are You Gonna Go My Way" back of the album cover. Kravitz has long thin locs down past his shoulders, sunglasses, an open Hawaiian shirt with a white fur coat, standing on a city streetfeatured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.


Slash is the Slashiest looking Slash you’ll ever see. He has looked exactly like himself since the first second I saw him back in 1987. That’s 35 years! I was even Slash for Halloween.

He is so known for being Slash you could easily forget he has some of the best hair in rock and roll. Do you think he signs his name with the “Slash” symbol? This symbol here: / He would save so much time, just one pen flick, done.

Guns N Roses guitarist SLASH, with his signature top hat, long black curly hair, Aviator sunglasses, nose ring, vest with worn button down shirt. Slash is holding his Gibson guitar proudly in frontfeatured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is a loyal guy. If Willie loves you, you’re with him for life. Weed, his guitar with the holes in it, and his life as a longhair are just a few examples. Willie’s been living and loving this life deep into his 80’s.

With amazing musicianship, classic tunes and unmatched authenticity, he is the ultimate longhair country superstar. Long live Willie Nelson and his beautiful braids!

Willie Nelson strumming his worn acoustic guitar on stage while rocking his signature smile and long twin braids.featured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.


What do you get when you mix twin brothers, six feet of platinum blonde hair, and the 1980’s glam scene? You get Nelson.

Like The Longhairs (see The Great Cut), Nelson is a Guinness World Records title holder as the only family in history to have a number one record in three successive generations (Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, grandparents; Ricky, Nelson, father).

Extremely 80s style photo of the Nelson band twin brothers. On the left, Gunner Nelson, wearing red with long straight blonde hair past his chest, holding a black guitar. On the right, Matthew Nelson in turquoise with a turquoise guitarfeatured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.


Questlove is a likable and talented fellow. From his breakthrough work in The Roots, to leading Jimmy Fallon’s band, Questlove performs miracles on the reg. His hair is not only big, but hard-working as it is often seen carrying his trademark afro pick.

According to his NPR interview, he is fighting to keep creativity, itself, alive. Imagine seeing that on your list of things to do each day. Questlove, and his hair, are up to the challenge.

Questlove in a black and white photo, looking to the right through his glasses. His massive afro blows out of frame, but still, you can see his signature afro pickfeatured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.

David Coverdale

David Coverdale was in Deep Purple for years before Whitesnake. I was in deep love with Tawny Kitaen as a teenager. I want to thank Mr. Coverdale for putting his then, soon-to-be wife, Ms. Kitaen in this video with that car.

It changed our lives.


The Boys of The 80’s.

Honorable mention to all of Whitesnake’s members for keeping Aqua Net in business through the 1980’s and creating the hole in the ozone layer. I kid!

A portrait photo of David Coverdale looking sternly, directly, into the camera. David has long wavy blonde hair just to his shoulders, wearing several necklaces a white button down dress shirt, with a black coat.featured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.


4 member band, Poison, lines up here side by side, with 80s metal hair and fashion with one member holding an electric guitar covered by their band name "Poison"featured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.

If that picture doesn’t make you lol, your laughing spot’s broken. OMG, how classic. In the 80’s it was real. Scary. Ha! I don’t know if Poison used Revlon or CoverGirl or both, but I bet they wish they had The Longhairs hair serum back then.

Did you know “Talk Dirty to Me,” was about using too much hair spray? Their tune “Unskinny Bop,” went to #3 in 1990. The term has literally no meaning. Bands like Poison ended the 80’s. They literally made the world need Nirvana. And nirvana.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

All 3 men of the Jimi Hendrix experience in a black and white photo with Jimi in the middle and Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding on either side of himfeatured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.

Jimi Hendrix is known by many as the sickest guitar player ever. Jimi also had an amazing head of hair. When they went searching for guys to play in Jimi’s new band, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding proved that three bushy heads of hair are better than one. Most underrated hair of any band ever. Guess that’s what made it The Experience.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience Trio side by side in full color, with Jimi in the middle, and his band mates and their afros on either sidefeatured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.

Sergio Gutierrez

Rock and roll manes get no more luscious than fine artist and rock guitarist Sergio Gutierrez, masterfully blending music, art and flow with his legendary long curls. A lifetime longhair and rocker to the core, “El Sergioso” is a no-doubter for the best hair in rock and roll.
Longhair Rocker, Serio Gutierrez, standing with his long curly black hair, purple sunglasses, blue polka-dot button down shirt, blue and purple scarf, and red pants, with a big smile on his face featured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.

ZZ Top

Does face hair count? Is it hair? Then it counts. ZZ Top is last alphabetically but first in the hearts of many young men who came of age in the 80’s. Videos like “Legs,” and “Sharp-Dressed Man,” showcased classic cars, lovely ladies, and had young fellas imagining what they’d look like with three-foot beards.
ZZ Top stands side by side on stage with their long beards, sunglasses, top hats, and awesome guitars.


The 80’s hair bands could have a list all their own, but here’s one last blast from when hair spray, perms, and men in makeup ruled the roost. RATT was San Diego’s contribution to the MTV-driven, cross-dressing funfest that was glam.

The video for their biggest hit, “Round and Round,” is peak 80’s content, featuring Golden Age of Television icon, Milton Berle being served rats at a fancy dinner. They’re RATT, get it???

Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains are best known as tortured grunge rockers. Their first record, “Facelift,” was a 1990 record though, the same year Poison scored with “Unskinny Bop.” Glam was not fully dead yet, just on life support.

Alice’s early videos showed off their hair far better than their later, moodier work. Lead singer Layne Stayley and his amigos’ follicle fabulosity was on display in the video for their hit, “Man in The Box.” Their 1992 record, “Dirt,” is epic, and may or may not have been inspired by shampoo.

Alice in Chains 4 member band walking along a dirt road in this black and white photo. All members have their leather jackets ajar, showing chest, and of course great long hairfeatured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.
All 4 Alice in Chains band members standing side by side, 3 with sunglasses and 1 without, big long manes, 2 blonde, and 2 brunettefeatured in the Best Hair in Rock and Roll.

Who Has the Best Hair in Rock and Roll?

Who has the best hair in rock and roll? Like which song or band is the best, we can endlessly dispute. Are there rock hair legends we overlooked? The Allman Brothers Band, Sly and The Family Stone, Rob Zombie?? Absolutely.

As the debate intensifies, we can safely agree that long hair goes with rock and roll like electric guitars, pyrotechnics and amplified sound. And while some of these manes have passed into rock music history, the make-no-apologies, never-say-die spirit of rock lives on with The Longhairs forever.

Rock on, icons. Rock on.

Who did we miss for the best hair in rock and roll? Tell us in the comments!

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