Art & Curls With Sergio Gutierrez

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Chords and Curls

Picture yourself walking into a tavern, getting yourself a beverage, looking to the stage and seeing a man with remarkable hair setting up an easel and blank canvas. You’re thinking, “I’m here to see music...not painting?”

The guy steps away for a moment, returns with a guitar and proceeds to start absolutely shedding. Hair is flying, the crowd starts grooving and each cord compels your body to react. Pretty soon you’re five beers deep and have been dancing nonstop for an hour.

At the end of the set the guitar player announces he’s going to take a little break. Moments later you look to the stage and see the same guitarist is now painting an oversize portrait of Jimi Hendrix.


Sergio Gutierrez Curly Hair

Unique Talent with Hella Flow

This is the experience our boy Sergio delivers week in and week out. While there are many fine artists out there, and a lot of great guitar players, have you ever met a person who absolutely crushes both, AND has luscious mega long curly hair?

Doubtful. Because Sergio is a one-of-a-kind talent and creative force.

First introduced on the podcast in Do You Have The Gutz?, Sergio talks about the years of mastering both skill sets and the unlikely pairing of the two, allowing him to break away from the color and the noise to stand alone as a truly unique artist and musician.

If that doesn’t impress you then his flow will blow you away. Massive thick curly black hair adorns his head, fitting for a guitar player who rocks and rolls hard AF.

Sergio Gutierrez Curly Hair

For The Curly Haired Brethren

As we continue receiving comments like:
“Your videos are great, but are inherently useless to people like me who have very thick curly hair.”

We knew it was time to bring in some big guns. Having long hair for over 17 years he is a true vet with myriad knowledge and techniques. As we work towards better serving the bros out there with the curls, Sergio, along with El Andrew, will be stable contributors for this series.

So it only makes sense that you get to know the man, his philosophies and what he brings to the table.


We’ve got a lineup of curly hair videos that will be dropping over the next several months, and we’re stoked on delivering quality content for our curly haired brethren.



Fine artist and shredding guitarist with massive thick curly black hair, Sergio Gutierrez is a guest contributor in our new lineup of curly hair videos.

Sergio Gutierrez Art & Curls

What are your questions about curly hair?


  1. You know what would be really cool? If you guys put together a list of places in major cities that know how to handle long haired men! I’m in the Chicago area and would love to find a place that can help me continue to grow my long curly locks. They’ve been the same length for a few years now….suggesting I may have split ends. However, I don’t want to go to the wrong place! Can you help?! Looking forward to these videos!

    1. Yo Dan! We are working on publishing a list of trusted salons and barber shops—in particular those who participated in The Great Cut!

      Coming soon amigo, thanks for writing in!

  2. Would love to see some Celtic and/or Nordic style hair ties. Any chance those are in the future?


      You are going to be SO PUMPED…in about 24 hours when ‘The Vikings’ are released.

      Stay tuned hombre!

  3. nom du grand matou ( “name of a great cat”swear word that avoids quoting God); , what a majestic curly mane !!!
    much women should be jealous of his hair

  4. Please keep the curly long hair videos coming. Can be very challenging for us curly longhairs. That “awkward” stage seems to last forever with curly hair. Any suggestions would be appreciated

  5. f***. your hair is great. mine is not as long or quite as curly as yours. But, i wanna see your video of how you care for your hair–prevent knotting and breaking hair.

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