The Longhairs of fiction

The Finest Flow In Fiction

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Legendary Longhairs Ahead

Pirates, Superheroes, Bad-To-The-Bone Ass Kickers. What do these types of fictional characters have in common, you ask?

Magnificent. Manly. Manes.

The characters we watch in movies, see in comics, and read in books inspire us in many ways. This list explores some of the fictional characters with long hair inspiring men everywhere to grow long locks.

These characters are the starting six of our fictional flow-masters.



First depicted in Marvel Comics in 1962 and later adapted for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this longhaired superhero is based on the Norse god of thunder.

Armed with his powerful hammer, Mjolnir, and a mighty golden mane, Thor is charged with protecting Asgard. And he does a damn golden job of it.


He’s the follically gifted main character of the Machete film franchise and the uncle and spy gear supplier of the famous Spy Kids. Helping the Spy Kids find their parents or hired by the president to take down a man with a plan to dominate the world, he’s always doing good.

Whether he’s wielding a machete, firing hundreds of rounds per second from a minigun mounted on a steel steed, or simply selling spy equipment, this black-haired badass is always lettin’ it ride.


John Rambo begins as a homeless, drifter Vietnam War vet with PTSD. Escaping jail, rescuing POWs from the Vietnamese jungles, and cliff diving to avoid certain death at the hands of Soviet and Vietnamese troops are all examples of a day in the life of this hardcore vet.

His life of badassery is of course complemented by his ferocious flow.


Legolas is a character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium. A Sindarin Elf of the Woodland Realm, he is blessed with strong stamina, acute sight and hearing, and his skills as an archer are unparalleled. Oh and don’t forget his glorious white-golden locks, often twisted up into some brilliant braids.


Portrayed in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean films, based on the Walt Disney World theme park ride, Jack Sparrow is a pirate captain who regularly chooses to flee a danger rather than fight. Using his imaginative wit and impeccable negotiating skills, he’s able to slip dangerous situations.

He is the captain of The Black Pearl and Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea. He’s also got a head of dope dreadlocks laced with beads and other trinkets amassed from years of pirating.


Last but not least is the character that introduced long hair to me at a young age. My favorite fabled flow. Depicted in Disney’s Tarzan, he was raised by a western gorilla named Kala.

Tarzan is a man of the jungle. He grew up swinging from vines and walking on all fours. He’s also never seen a pair of shears in his life and he’s all the better for it. His lush locks are in the most natural state, uncut and flowing. His mane probably helped him out with Jane too, boys.

If you already have long hair, congratulations. You’ve already joined the ranks of some of the sickest characters in fiction.

If you haven’t started growing yet, what are you waiting for? Take this inspiration and get growing.


Who inspired you? Who’s your favorite fictional character with long hair? Let us know and we’ll put him in the running for future lists of fictional flow.

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  1. What about books? Check out Jamie Fraser in the Outlander series. In the TV show, because of the era, almost all guys have long hair. It was once the only way. Back then, if a man was balding or couldn’t have long hair they wore a wig.
    I’m a writer and just about every man in my novels has long hair. My favorite is Dane Bainbridge in my Anachronistic Dimensions fantasy romance series. He’s a rock star with long wavy black hair and light blue eyes with silver specks. And of course the hero in my time travel set in the 17th century has long hair (not yet published).

  2. Will Turner’s hair from Pirates of the Caribbean is just as good as Jacks (if not better, especially in the low ponytail). And I second the Winter Soldier – that was my son’s Halloween costume this year and he rocked it with long hair.

    1. Weird thats a really old picture of me, where do your forums pull from?

  3. Not a fictional character, but I think the first time I wished I had long hair. Singer/Actor Gary Morris. Check discography for album covers. Oh, and of course hella inspired by The Longhairs!

    El Camaleon

  4. I was inspired initially by Gareth Bale and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Then inspired to grow it even longer by the new Aquaman, Jason Momoa.

    Also at one point Nightwing had some incredible locks.

  5. Both Superman and Aquaman rocked long hair in their respective comic books at one time. Lorenzo Lamas in “Renegade” tv series. The aforementioned “Highlander”. And can’t forget all the dudes on covers of paperback romance novels 🙂

  6. Throughout my life I’ve always gone through cycles of long, short and medium length hair but I’ve never really been able to power through “the awkward stage.” As a kid whenever I grew out my hair it was to look like either Tom Petty or WWE Superstar Edge. I have been growing my hair out since last April or so but without any rhyme or reason. I was planning on cutting it this past fall but when Tom passed I decided to keep at it for a bit more. Now a few months later and I’m so close to being out of the awkward stage that I can taste it. I was about to cut my hair this weekend until I found this page and I can say for sure I’m going to power through! Y’all rock! – Kilroy

  7. Obi Wan from Attack of the Clones was my first inspiration to grow my hair out, he’s got mad flow of the hair and the force.

  8. My inspiration was The Huntsman in Snow White and the Huntsman. No joke; I haven’t cut my hair since I first watched it.

  9. How ’bout Chewbacca? Of course, he’s more than just a “Long Hair”, he’s an “Everywhere Hair.” But he still lets it flow.

  10. Sting was the first to inspire me to grow my hair out, Then Goku, especially in Super Saijin 3! Also, John Wick!

  11. You already included my favorite in the list with Thor (hear that thunder?) but second for me is Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter series. Always loved that long nearly white mane. I have been told several times that I have the traits of a wizard myself. Very cool.

  12. Why does Thor get all the longhair props but no one mentions his cooler brother Loki’s locks?

  13. I always have donated my hair to them! So when Sebastian’s hair got too long and unhealthy we chose CWHL! But I miss it terribly already. Still chin length now but I miss the baby man buns. We have received so much back lash (mainly from family members) regarding his long hair my husband and I became defiant and kept it long. It suits him he loves it and we will grow it long again. His hair is thick healthy and gorgeous! Why not donate is the real question here! I’m so thankful for my husband always standing by my side because our families made it very hard with the bullying. And our little Thor is a cool kid! He rocks long hair!

  14. Dracula, Alucard and pretty much all the main dudes from Castlevania, it was metal!

  15. How can you forget Marvel’s most bad to the bone ass kicker “Winter Soldier”. Dude, he kills it out there with his hair and his combat skills.
    I’m also 6’2 and have long black hair too, wish to get all masculine and wear all black and look like him (although I cant have a metal arm). He inspired me all the way on my journey.

    Special thanks to team for all the knowledge.

  16. My first inspiration for growing out my hair possibly came from HE-MAN (Masters Of THe Universe) when I was about 5 or 6, and Madmardigan from Willow was also a long hair that inspired me at around 10 years old. THere would have been other dudes from sci fi that inspired me, but cant remeber off the top of my head.

    When I got into heavy Rock/metal music in my early teens, THe inspiration of the sci-fi warriors and my new favorite bands meant that I just had to join that club. Unfortunately, I went to one of those ultra-conservative schools with silly rules regarding hair length, So I was stuck in the (very!!!) awkward stage in-between stage for about 3 – 4 years, and when I finally left school and could let it ride properly and finally be myself.

  17. For me, the original inspiration was Duncan MacLeod from “Highlander”. I was a 90s kid and that show was possibly my fav at the time. Duncan (actor Adrian Paul) rocked the long locks and introduced me to the idea of men with long hair, and it stuck with me forever. I didn’t get to grow my hair out properly until my mid-twenties, but once I got the chance I jumped on it and haven’t looked back yet.

  18. My 3 year old was constantly refferred to as Thor because of his massive size and strength and his incredibly long gorgeous blonde hair grown from birth! We just cut it a week ago and we’re able to donate 8” to Children with hair loss! I miss it terribly already but we will be growing it out long again! Hopefully by Halloween this year (2018) we can dress him as Thor now that he is very much into superhero’s!

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