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Interview With Christian Taylor

In this episode of the “Let it Ride” podcast we interview Christian Taylor, aka “El Valiente,” a 16-year-old content creator, YouTuber, tech enthusiast and longhair lifer.

Listen in as we rap with Christian about long hair, the latest technology and the long game of content creation.

  • It takes courage to be different in high school
  • Being mortified in science class
  • First attempt tying it up—and the reaction
  • Recommendations for your first drone and your next phone
  • What the hell is The Longhairs’ signature sign-off all about?

Get down with your boys and El Valiente, and until next time…



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Catch Christian’s first guest post on The Longhairs, “Confidence: The Struggles of a Longhair.

Hair Ties For Guys Review

Do you have any questions or comments for Christian, tech-related or otherwise? Leave them below and we’ll make sure he gets them.


  1. Sweet, love these podcast! They are entertaining, informative , and make the day go by faster at work when I listen to them, keep them coming!

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