The Great Cut: Episode 1

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The planning starts now, and we intend to document the entire journey from now until 3/16/19. Watch as your boys begin scouting locations for this epic follicle forray, in Episode I of our journey to The Great Cut.

What Is The Great Cut?

Great question El Gustavo.

The Great Cut is a hair-whipping, karate-kicking, record-breaking, blockbuster charity event where we will break the Guiness World Record for the largest hair donation in the history of mankind.

The current record was set in the Philippines during the 'Matrix 8-Inch Cut for Cancer' in which 1,345 participants donated their hair, netting 181.24 lbs of hair in a 24-hour period.

By our count, we’ll have to hack at least 1,500 manes.

While we’re at it, why not set a new world record for the most consecutive hair whips at the same time?

We’ll burn those bridges when we come to ‘em, but in any case we have just over one year to plan the largest gathering of men with long hair for a charitable purpose since the dawn of time.

If that’s not enough hair hacking action, listen as we dive deeper on yet another podcast episode of Let it Ride.



  1. Is it necessary to be at San Diego on this date? Can I donate my hair while being in another country?

  2. Thank you so much for putting this great event together. Both my children have alopecia. My daughter 7yrs old has alopecia totalis and my son 9 years old has alopecia areata. Last year i cut all my hair off to donate to CWHL and my daughter received her first wig thanks to CWHL.
    We live in San Diego and my family and i would love to volunteer in anyway we can. Please let us know what we can do.

  3. As far as donations go, are you donating to multiple charities, or just Children With Hair Loss?
    I have been blessed with very thick hair my entire life, but had always kept it short. A car accident almost 6 years ago left me with a permanent neck injury (but able to fully function, seat belt saved my life, changed careers, and still alive to remain married to my best friend and raising the coolest kid ever). The neck pain has made it nearly impossible to get a haircut every 3 weeks and to style my hair every day…so I grew it out – for the first time since 4th grade! Loved it long, but stumbled upon CWHL on FB and online. I was IMPRESSED! They are the ONLY hair charity that will take colored or grey hair, use 95% of donations (5% is a LOW loss ratio due to damage, length, mildew from improper packaging), they provide a wig per child per year until age 21 for FREE.
    Pantene’s Program is similar as far as providing free wigs…but they are harder for those in need to qualify for, and rarely does a patient get more than one.
    Locks of Love is at the bottom of my list. They get DONATED hair, have wig makers that will make the wigs for them free of charge…yet women with cancer-only typically qualify. These women are then charged about $300-$400 for their hairpiece and care kit. While this is a fraction of what a good wig can cost, it breaks my heart. They also use less than 50% of the hair donated.
    I am definitely interested in coming out to CA from NH to take part in this absolutely amazing event! I just need to do my due diligence and be sure that I agree with the charities that you’ve chosen.
    Thanks so much for putting this event together!

    1. Hi Melissa! Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment.

      To answer your question, we intend to donate exclusively to Children With Hair Loss. They have been excellent partners and we are thrilled to be working with them.

      We hope you will join us on 3/16/19!

  4. Hmmm, this now seems like every other “longhair” site for men – actually wanting them to cut their hair. While it is for a great cause, it would be nice to have a site that doesn’t shame men into cutting their hair all the time.
    Oh well.

    1. Agreed, sounds like they are selling out. the cause is fine but the basis of their grow long hair will be shattered,

      1. Author

        No it won’t. It will be stronger than ever. Small sacrifice to help kids who really need it. Then we simply grow it back and it will be long. This is a 5 part series, make sure to watch the recent episodes and check out the website for the event at

  5. for organizing a cut a ton, the main problem is not finding hair donators, but good hairdressers to avoid getting that bob haircut…:
    in fact, much stylists use hair donations for making short haircuts to get frequent customers
    i suppose so that much donators ( the most part of the male) want to stay long hairs or make several hair donations, and, to avoid having another akward stage, they need going to a chin bob; it is better for them waiting they have a sufficient length before donating ( 10 inches min cut)
    the good technic for having a good cut is to make 3 to 4 tails:; you get a straight cut without any rectification cut
    for finding good hairdressers, you ought contact Panthene Beautiful Length , and use your hairdresser as a supervisor

  6. Excuse me your highnesses
    How about here in the philippines?is it possible to participate?

  7. I am so glad you guys changed the date! That makes me a lot more desirous of participating! I used to be in LA when I found out about The Longhairs, but I recently moved up north to the state of Washington. That being said, I want to be there for the event and pray that I can take time off work to fly down and be part of this great moment in longhair history.

  8. My hair should be long enough for a hair whip by then, but not a cut. I’m gonna try to make it down. If you put El Chuckarino by the door wearing his wig and ringing a bell, I’ll make a cash contribution. :o)

  9. Longhairs, I have been planning to participate in this event for the last two years. Are you still doing this on November 11, 2018? (I think that was the date you said in the past.) As you start to market The GREAT Cut, get the date out there in your video and on FB. Go getters like me what to spread the word, and if time/$ permits, even fly out to California.

    Some questions…
    * Will there be a block book at a local hotel with free transport to The GREAT Cut?
    * To whom should I send potential stylists from the San Diego area for The GREAT Cut?
    * Is there a weekend schedule of activities planned? When will it be available?
    * For those unable to attend in the flesh, how can folks participate virtually?
    * For those who can’t get to San Diego, how can folks participate in The GREAT Cut so that their donation can count in this world record? — Video, picture with time/date stamp…and then upload to the FB account?

    1. Author

      Hey Equus! Date is now March 16th 2019. Excellent questions and ideas. We’re working on clear answers to all this right now. We will release a link with all details once we have everything laid out. Stay tuned we’ll be dropping more concrete plans over the next several weeks.

      1. Another suggestion: With some creative networking and as Sigma Nu alumni, you may want to reach out to the fraternity and sorority community around the USA as they plan for Dance Marathon 2019.

  10. My sister was just diagnosed with cancer and it is really hard both for her and us (siblings). This is very appreciated thing you guys are setting up,thanks. I’ve been growing out my hair for a few months just finally past the akward stage never thought about doing it for a cause but now I am. I will definitely be there.

    1. Author

      Hi Chase so sorry to hear about your sister. We will keep her in our hearts and send as much positive energy as we can. Can’t wait to meet you in person.

  11. This is EPIC! Y’all are doing amazing things, can’t wait to see how awesome this turns out! Wish I could be out there with y’all.

  12. Our little one just donated 8” of his untouched baby hair to children with hair loss! We’d love to donate it again as a part of your mission. How can we participate?

  13. Sounds cool, haircut in the sunshine, followed by surfing with newly shorn locks of Love. 👍🏽👍🏾👍

    1. “Not just the men, but the women and the children too” – Anakin Skywalker

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