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We’ve gotten a fair bit of comments, questions, reviews and opinions about Hair Ties For Guys™.

Some of them have been genuine. Some have been *less than* polite. Some have been flat out trolling.

But we know we have the best hair ties in the world and we have no problem putting them to the test.

This week we tackle a few questions that we felt needed to be demonstrated. Most notably this gem of a comment:

“I thought you had superior quality hair ties. Something that is actually manly and strong. These seem just as FLIMSY as the cheap black ones at the dollar store.”


Can those basic black hair ties hold a 73 pound bucket of rocks!? Watch the video and see what’s flimy and what’s strong.

To dig further into some hard hitting questions check out the link from Reddit where we addressed all the comments and questions thrown at us post Shark Tank:

It means a lot to us when you guys spend your hard-earned cash on our products, and we know they aren’t cheap. We want to be 100% clear on why we price our products the way we do. Here’s a little behind our pricing philosophy:

1) We do everything we can to offer the best products possible. In most cases we’ve developed or formulated products ourselves through testing, trying, tweaking and repeating. If anyone isn’t happy with a purchase, ever, we make it right.

2) You can buy much cheaper hair ties. None of those are like ours. These aren’t simply women’s hair ties branded as men’s; there are no other hair ties like these in the world. We can say this because we started out buying every kind of hair ties available, then making our own hair ties, then rounds after rounds of product development and testing, finally resulting in the superior hair ties we offer.

3) Our customers aren’t just buying a product. They’re buying into what it means to have long hair as a guy, and the idea every person should be able to grow their hair however long they want, short or long, without recrimination.

4) They’re also helping us continue pumping out the fresh content we publish every single week, rain or shine, which is the true cornerstone of our online community.

5) With every order we donate $1 to Children With Hair Loss. Every time you purchase a product from us you are helping a child who can’t grow his or her own hair get a human hair replacement, free of charge, restoring confidence and helping them live a normal life.

6) If you think $12 is too expensive, you can buy three packs and get them for only $10 each. Or just don't buy them.

Look guys, we’ve learned it’s really damn hard to run a business. That makes earning our customers and doing right by them is the most important thing we can do. We hope this helps you better understand how we price our products.

Did you like this video? Should we do more like this? We welcome any other questions you may have, drop 'em in the comments.



  1. I have very short hair. And I use these flat hair ties as a means to secure my wallet. They are stylish and awesome and are useful well beyond just securing hair. Ive had one now for over a year being used every day to hold my wallet shut and its so dope. People ask what it is. And I only tell the small few my secret. Its the best wallet accessory I have ever found as an aficionado of the edc wallet paradox.I also have Friends who I have put on this trend I invented and they too have fallen in love with using it on their wallet and look to me as a hair tie dealer. Now its a means of a weird gift amongst close friends. So glad I found this company while hunting for the perfect flat elastic band for my wallet.

    1. Now we can add “best wallet accessory” to our repertoire! We are so stoked you have found use for the hair ties even without long hair. Keep lettin’ it ride, Furled Finger!

  2. So I’ve bee buying you hair ties for a few months now and I really like them. I just feel that they lose elasticity to fast. Maybe it’s because I’m over tightening but that’s my input. Otherwise great product.

    1. Yeah I love the style and design of these but I agree with others that these lose elasticity really fast. I have thick hair and don’t tie it up tight except on motorcycle rides but even using different ones throughout the week they seem to stretch out enough to not keep my hair held up.

  3. My hair is *almost* long enough to tie back and as soon as I can effectively tie it back I’ll be ordering a few sets of these. The headbands freaking rock though!

    1. tip: wait a little before wearing a ponytail; to much pulling can cause breakage ( the good length for beginning tying is 2 inches below the chin)

  4. i’ ve found your advertising on the french mail provider site “laposte”, front of my mail listing…

  5. I received my hair ties and oils this morning, you guys rock for getting an international order out so quickly, I’ve been like a kid waiting for xmas and am so pumped to finally have them.

    The front of my sides are still a little short to get everything into my high-ball, but much less hair is slipping out even though I’m only doing 2 loops against the 3 I usually do, everything feels so secure and to top it off they look absolutely killer.

    I’m rocking one of The Heavy Metals right now but am having to control myself not to try all 5 packs at once, so have settled for an extra one on the wrist. I’m hooked and proud to be reppin the longhairs logo, keep crushing it fellas.

  6. Awesome product, awesome brand, awesome business! Keep doing what you’re doing and eff the haters! ✌️❤️🍻

  7. the most important problem with hair ties is not the breakage, but the lost of elasticity: in the beginning, the tail is well contained in two loops, but after a few using, you need 3 loops, until you go to the elasticity limit and it slips
    now, i agree that your ties are unbreakable, and maintain more elasticity than most from the dollar store; that’s why i’ ve ordered one time only…they stay perfect more of one year later…

  8. I’m a grandma and I bought these for my son and my grandson. They love them and especially like the variety of designs. They are high quality and I will buy them again. Thank you for such a great product.

  9. If I could safely wrap your hair ties around my Labrador, La Kendra, I would perform the “Longhairs Hair Ties vs Black Labrador” test. But alas, no way….

  10. I’ve been wearing the same hair tie since I got my order. I thought it was going to stretch out and it’s still like brand new. I’m hooked

  11. Yo El Moreno, the hair ties and head bands are unbelievably ‘muy excelente’! I mean, let’s keep it real…I have been literally pulling my hair out for years trying to find women’s hair ties and head bands that keep my locks true!

    Not until you guys surfed with the Sharks did I find the holy grail of men’s hair ties, raps and products!!

    I just ordered my second hair band….most excellent!

    Those who say or leave bogus comments need a ‘Latitude’ adjustment…they are not true LongHairs…more like weekend posers….As always, high-tides and good vibes to you and the Hair Crew!!


  12. Awesome video El Moreno , you had me dying laughing with your reaction after lifting 73 lbs with the hair tie for guys. I have about 4 packs and I absolutely love them. Just ordered my first head wrap as well, and I’ve been lubing my locks with the hair serum for months now. Big fan of what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work!
    PS – I’m hyped for The Great Cut and will definitely be attending. Excited to hear the updates on the event as the year goes on.

  13. Just like the rest of the doubtful america of the longhairs. I bought lots of the stuff you guys sell and it is all awesome. If your hair ties and headbands get stinky then you should wash your hair.

  14. Damn, most people would have trouble lifting that bucket themselves, me included! That hair tie is the real deal and a pretty cool wristband as well. People sometimes don’t understand the effort behind what goes into building a great product. Same as long hair, same as everything worth in life. Kudos to your whole team!

  15. Is the washing method you showed for the hair ties also the preferred method for washing the headbands? I bought a Lumberman last month, and while I haven’t worn it enough to the point of it being rank just yet, I’ve been wondering about how to clean it as there wasn’t any sort of directions on the packaging.

    And I’m also now curious about the tensile strength of the headbands if the ties can withstand that type of punishment…

    1. Author

      For the HEADWRAPS you can machine wash then air dry. Have not done a weight test on the wraps yet.

  16. Your hair ties are amazing. Don’t sweat the bad reviews. I have very long and thick hair and have not found another tie that even compares. Keep up the good work and thanks for the effort.

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