Hair Ties Questions Answered

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We’ve gotten a fair bit of comments, questions, reviews and opinions about Hair Ties For Guys™.

Some of them have been genuine. Some have been *less than* polite. Some have been flat out trolling.

But we know we have the best hair ties in the world and we have no problem putting them to the test.

This week we tackle a few questions that we felt needed to be demonstrated. Most notably this gem of a comment:

“I thought you had superior quality hair ties. Something that is actually manly and strong. These seem just as FLIMSY as the cheap black ones at the dollar store.”


Can those basic black hair ties hold a 73 pound bucket of rocks!? Watch the video and see what’s flimy and what’s strong.

To dig further into some hard hitting questions check out the link from Reddit where we addressed all the comments and questions thrown at us post Shark Tank:

It means a lot to us when you guys spend your hard-earned cash on our products, and we know they aren’t cheap. We want to be 100% clear on why we price our products the way we do. Here’s a little behind our pricing philosophy:

1) We do everything we can to offer the best products possible. In most cases we’ve developed or formulated products ourselves through testing, trying, tweaking and repeating. If anyone isn’t happy with a purchase, ever, we make it right.

2) You can buy much cheaper hair ties. None of those are like ours. These aren’t simply women’s hair ties branded as men’s; there are no other hair ties like these in the world. We can say this because we started out buying every kind of hair ties available, then making our own hair ties, then rounds after rounds of product development and testing, finally resulting in the superior hair ties we offer.

3) Our customers aren’t just buying a product. They’re buying into what it means to have long hair as a guy, and the idea every person should be able to grow their hair however long they want, short or long, without recrimination.

4) They’re also helping us continue pumping out the fresh content we publish every single week, rain or shine, which is the true cornerstone of our online community.

5) With every order we donate $1 to Children With Hair Loss. Every time you purchase a product from us you are helping a child who can’t grow his or her own hair get a human hair replacement, free of charge, restoring confidence and helping them live a normal life.

6) If you think $12 is too expensive, you can buy three packs and get them for only $10 each. Or just don't buy them.

Look guys, we’ve learned it’s really damn hard to run a business. That makes earning our customers and doing right by them is the most important thing we can do. We hope this helps you better understand how we price our products.

Did you like this video? Should we do more like this? We welcome any other questions you may have, drop 'em in the comments.