The Great Cut


San Diego, California

A Hair-Whipping, Karate-Kicking, Record-Breaking Charity Event

The Longhairs Portraits


An attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most hair donated to charity in a 24 hour period, by any group, ever.

The Longhairs Portraits


There are millions of children who can’t grow their own hair due to cancer treatments, alopecia, burns and other medical problems.

The Longhairs Portraits


Men, women and children, salon partners, celebrity longhairs and supporters will donate their hair together for children in need.

Growing For A Reason

Imagine if you couldn’t grow your own hair. Even worse, imagine battling a life-threatening illness, and undergoing treatment that caused your hair to fall out.

No child should be afraid to go to school because they can’t grow their own hair, but there are millions of children and young adults facing medically-related hair loss from cancer treatments, alopecia, severe burns and other causes.

Children With Hair Loss

A child facing medically-related hair loss is confronted with a loss of self-esteem, self-confidence, and social acceptance. Friends become bullies, casual glances become uncomfortable stares and common social interactions become places of fear.

Under the weight of such unhappiness, many children are unable to carry on with regular schooling. For these children, the painful effects of medically-related hair loss go far deeper than just cosmetic.

The problem is, a human hair replacement with proper care and maintenance can cost up to $5,000 a year. For most families, it’s an expense they cannot afford.

Children With Hair Loss

Cutting For A Cause

On March 16, 2019, with our charity partners Children With Hair Loss, we will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most hair donated to charity in history.

The current record is 181 lbs of hair, set in 2015. By our count we’ll need at least 2,000 hair donors to go under the shears to break the record. 

We’re going to need every man, woman, girl and boy, and we hope you’ll be one of them. Change a child’s life and be part of history: join us in San Diego for The Great Cut. 

What Better Reason?

Maybe you’ve thought about growing your hair long, or even tried, only to be derailed by the awkward stage or unsolicited comments from naysayers. If only you had a rock-solid power comeback for why you’re growing you do.

Changing a Child’s Life

It might be scary to cut your hair, but not as scary as being a little girl going to school with no hair. Kids can be taught to understand what they’re going through, but it’s harder to stop others from staring, teasing and harassing.

An Historical Event

How many times have you been part of a world record? And while we’re at it, we also intend to set a new world record for the most simultaneous hair whips in history. Who the hell wouldn’t want to be part of that??!?


Come to Sunny San Diego
98.6% Chance of Sun

Haven’t checked the long-term forecast, but pretty sure it’s gonna be 71 degrees. America’s Finest City is one of the top destinations in the US, with everything from beaches and palm trees to incredible food and drink, world famous attractions, raging nightlife and family fun.

Have a Great Time
100% Great Time

You can expect a blockbuster weekend lineup, with longhair meetups and mixers, highlight reel activities and keynotes, hurricanes of hair whips, and of course the world record attempt.

Heavy-Hitting Longhairs
100% Heavy-Hitting Action

This smash hit wouldn’t be complete without a roster of some of the most influential and important longhairs you’ll ever have the chance to meet. Talkin' long hair and business.

The Great Cut

Saturday, March 16, 2019


Questions You Might Be Asking

What They're Saying

Many of the folks in our community grow their hair long just so they can donate it.
Here’s what some of them have written:

  • Hey guys that’s epic! I’m really happy to say that I’ve done this once and am currently working on my second 10 inches for them. And also that it’s awesome that y’all are partners with such a great organization like LoL. Keep up the good fight!

    - James from Tennessee

  • Always shaved head, decided to grow it out to donate. I’m on 4 years growth! Want to grow it a bit longer so I’m not back to the awkward stage when 10-12 inches go. Stoked to see how far your dreams have come; let it ride!

    - David

  • Started 2 years ago when I was 80. Always had a Flat Top, now I can donate it when the time comes.

    - Andy

  • You guys rock!! Any and every long hair I meet I tell them about your page and give referral cards. I’ll see how many of my buds I can get to post progress pics and I’ll send one tonight. I plan to donate some of my mane in the spring, but not enough to be a short hair again, will let it ride again after the donation as well.

    - Cale

  • I donated 11 inches of hair just about 3 months ago. The first picture is before I cut my hair, the second is after I cut 11 inches off, and the third is 3 months of growth. Super cool post idea, looking forward to seeing everyone’s hair updates!

    - Chris

  • Have donated my hair once and doing so had to go through that awkward phase twice! Smartened up this time and decided to go 4 yrs instead of two. Truly awesome site and will gladly be handing those cards out!

    - James

  • While some Longhairs may not mind having their hair fried, blown-out, extensions, permed, etc., know what you want, I for one do not want color or heat near my hair as I donate my lusciousness to an organization to help women and children who want wigs.

    - Equus

  • I was planning to donate, but I can wait till you guys plan a big event if it is really going to happen.

    - Cesar

  • Opening my email today, I received a letter from Children With Hair Loss about a great community for men and long hair. I clicked on the link to see if there were tips I could give to my Micro Human. I got a lot more then what I was bargaining for and cried happy tears to know we are not alone with this struggle and there are places to go and people who want to help

    - Inch By Inch