The Longhairs On Shark Tank Recap

Talkin’ Tank: An Epic Recap of The Longhairs’ Improbable Run to Shark Tank

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The Longhairs on Shark Tank - Podcast

Crack open a cold one and listen in with El Rubio, El Moreno and El Chuckarino as we recap, reflect and answer questions about our incredible run to Shark Tank on this podcast.

You’ll hear about:

  • Thinking we were cooked at the Shark Tank Open Casting
  • Our pitch, and how the edit was different from real life
  • The drycleaner incident and our biggest fear
  • Lori Grenier’s recommendations and Daymond John’s sudden exit
  • Robert Herjavec’s “man bun”
  • Why we were ready for Kevin O’Leary’s offer
  • Our valuation strategy and negotiations with Mark Cuban

And getting JUICED UP for walking down that hallway.

Get behind the scenes with your boys in this action packed episode. It’s the The Longhairs on Shark Tank podcast.




  1. A transcript or even a summery would be nice for those of us who can’t listen to podcasts at work. 🙂

  2. Maybe I missed it (I was listening while at work)…Was it hard to keep the secret that you’d already made a deal for the few months until it aired?

  3. Yo Longhairs,
    Just listened to the whole thing, could have listened for another hour. It’s so interesting to hear the inside scoop! Ordering up a Shark Tank headband before they’re sold out. Great job!

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