The Road to the Tank

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And What It Took To Get Here

It’s been no short or easy path. But we walked down that hallway. And we pitched.

See what it took to get here, on The Longhairs’ Road to Shark Tank.

Read the epic recap of the Shark Tank open casting experience.

Read The Longhairs on Shark Tank press release.

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  1. We can’t watch it yet here in the UK, but really pumped that you guys got an investment.

    Keep smashing it fellas!

  2. You guys crushed it getting Mark Cuban to join forces with you on the Shark Tank! Your victory was like the Vikings “Minneapolis Miracle” !
    Way to go guys!

    1. There’s a big difference. The defense we were facing knew how to hit 🤣

  3. Over the moon stoked for you guys! Wish I could have made it down for the watch party, it looked like an amazing time. You truly deserve it from all your hard work, and I’m so excited to follow along the next stage of this epic journey. Good luck with all the orders from the show, and thanks for all you do for us Longhairs!

  4. Gotta tell you guys this. I’m a girl with long hair. I rock and play electric guitar! And I HATE the selection of hair ties for girls. I hate the flimsy fabric that slides out of my hair. I hate the girly colors and patters. Hate everything about them. Me and my husband watched Shark Tank. As soon as I saw your hair ties I jumped out of my chair and yelled “I NEED THOSE!” Hubby thought I was nuts! But here I am buying as many as I can! Girls need these too!

    1. Author

      Hi Debbie! Thrilled to hear that—and we felt the same way when we started growing our hair out. I know you will love our hair ties, thanks for giving us a shot! Please let us know how you like them, or better yet leave a review when you’ve had a chance to use. Thank you again and keep lettin it ride!

  5. Would have loved to see the mention of your donations to Children with hair loss with each sale. That’s AWESOME! Being from Michigan and knowing people who’ve donated I love this charity and the fact they don’t charge for the wigs.

    Way to go and good luck in your deal with Mark Cuban.

    1. Author

      Thank you Cindy! Appreciate the kind words and we are super pumped to partner with Children With Hair Loss. We did mention it extensively during filming, but it didn’t make the final edit unfortunately. We’ll have to get the message out in other ways! Thanks again, glad to have you here.

  6. Not able to watch it in the UK, are you able to show the episode on your site?

  7. i confirm that it is impossible seeing the replay from europe; can you obtain from the network a copy of your show for publishing on Yt ?

  8. Looking forward to watching you tomorrow, in this exciting step, into the world of creative finance.
    All the best.

  9. Are you gonna sell those kickass shark wraps online too or just at the viewing?

  10. The hype is REAL! Tomorrow is gonna be so epic. I totally get what you’re saying about people’s reaction, the same thing happens to me sometimes when I talk about it. Thank you for believing in yourselves. Always remember no matter what happens that you’re not just a business, you are inspiration and hope for every man with.. Flowing heads of lettuce? 😂 I had to ruin the inspirational speech somehow.

  11. SO PSYCHED. Can’t wait to watch you guys CRUSH IT. Congrats guys, you earned it.

  12. Lindsay & Chris, Stephanie & I congratulate you both for scoring the Shark show. Way ta go don’t cha know!!!! (Nice gig)
    We will be watching tomorrow night here on the east coast and rooting for you and your company.
    SUCCESS IS WITHIN REACH!!!! Then….off to the beach 😉

    David Thorpe – Jeff Gonzales Father N’ Law

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