Courage & Content: How to Make 6 Figures On YouTube

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No Haircuts, No Shortcuts for Christian Taylor

There are no haircuts or shortcuts for Christian Taylor. At 21 years old, he has been publishing videos on YouTube for 11 years, and he’s had long hair since he was nine.

While Christian's content has evolved over the years, his mission has remained the same, grounded in a deliberate decision he made in high school to publish one video a week forever.

Over the course of a decade Christian Taylor's topics have shifted, his production value has steadily increased, and his reach has been amplified. Some videos have garnered hundreds of thousands of views, while others have fizzled in the sub-100s.

Christian Taylor rocking The Longhairs Redtail hat standing on the sidewalk

Week-in, week-out, whatever the results and despite all adversity, Christian publishes a new video every week—and since 2016 he’s been repping The Longhairs hard lids in about 95% of them.

So when COVID lockdowns hit and YouTube traffic surged, Christian Taylor was in position for a massive windfall. His advertising revenues increased 5X-6X virtually overnight, but that wouldn’t have mattered much if he didn’t already have 300+ videos on his channel.

Christian Taylor's steadfast commitment to content has enabled him to support himself as a full-time creator, and even save enough dough to buy a house.

So how do you make six figures on YouTube?

Publish A Video Every Week For 10 Years

Easy as that.

Opting out of college to pursue a career making videos, Christian Taylor reveals how he’s done it, through challenges, setbacks and resistance, in his second appearance on The Longhairs podcast.

It’s no wonder we call him El Valiente.

What you'll hear about

  • Content
  • Courage
  • Consistency
  • Moving balls forward
  • Getting picked on

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Christian Taylor

Founder and principal of Craylor Media, Christian Taylor aka El Valiente is a technology journalist, entrepreneur, content creator, YouTube star and drummer on the side.


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