Is Hair Shedding Normal?

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Everything Was Ok Until...

As you run your brush through your marvelous mane, you notice some of its beloved members suddenly detached from your head and tangled in your brush: hair shedding.

What do you do?

Don’t Panic.

I promise. I can explain. It’s normal.

Hair shedding is part of the hair growth cycle. Your hair follicles have a growth stage that lasts anywhere from 2-8 years. When a follicle’s cycle is complete it will stop growing for a few months and eventually fall out.

You may shed more hair than you think...and that’s normal too.


You may lose up to 125 hairs per day, and that’s perfectly normal. Just how much hair is 125? More than you might think.

But it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. There is something much worse than hair shedding.

Shedding isn’t so bad (assuming you are not excessively shedding), but you know what is bad?


You can lose up to 125 hairs per day on average from hair shedding

Why? The hair shaft is actually splitting and you are stuck with a short, unhealthy hair that will look awful and take years to grow back out.

With hair shedding, you lose a hair, but a brand new healthy one will grow back. With breakages, you are losing a perfectly good hair that was still in its growth phase, and the process will be long and ugly to restoration. So try to avoid breakages at all costs.

When it’s time to panic.
Actually, don’t panic, because stress and anxiety can be a major cause of excessive hair loss. If you think you are experiencing shedding that exceeds 125 hairs per day, it’s best to eliminate stress, get plenty of sleep, and live a healthy lifestyle. Your body’s health affects your hair more than you may realize.

Relax. Hair shedding is normal.

Get the full breakdown on hair shedding, breakage and how to keep your mane from ending up in your brush with guest contributor El Valiente.

"Don't panic. You lose more hair than you think."
Christian Taylor (aka El Valiente) in his video on hair shedding
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