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The Longhairs Professional Series With Maurice Cherry

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Going Further Beyond The Locks

In 2017 we kicked off a new series, “Beyond The Locks,” where we highlight men with long hair from different cultures, backgrounds, races and ethnicities, learning about their experiences and perspectives and revealing how long hair contributes to each man’s identity.

Our first guest was Maurice Cherry, a pioneering digital creator working on more projects than you can run your fingers through. Maurice was creating way back in 2006, when your boys were still getting clean fades with a zero on the sides.

Being a true creator and a man with long hair, we thought it would be a fine idea to have Maurice on our podcast. Before diving into that head of lettuce he broke down the many projects he’s worked on:

A daily tea review podcast introducing you to new teas in the time it takes you to brew a fresh cup.
The Web’s longest running event celebrating Black bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters.
Recognizing Black designers and developers in conjunction with and in celebration of Black History Month.
An award-winning design podcast showcasing the world’s Black designers, developers, and creatives.
Read The Longhairs’ Tribute to Black History Month
"As much fun as we had talking shop, things really got saucy when we started talking flow."

What you'll hear about:

  • Recognizing black designers and content creators
  • 5 years of consistent content and staying in your lane
  • Learning what to do with your hair
  • Checklist for a good hair day
  • Tips for super curly hair


He’s a true creator. An advocate for the black community. And a hair guy. Listen to your boys talking long hair with Maurice Cherry on The Longhairs podcast.

As always, Let It Ride is sponsored by Hair Ties For Guys, the finest men’s hair ties in the world.

Connect With Maurice Cherry

Learn more and follow Maurice on his personal website, and you can find a crisp breakdown of his most notable projects at Yep, It’s Lunch.

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