The Longhairs Professional Series With Stu Swineford

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Before The Longhairs...

There were two bros, 400 square feet and $292. It was called Round Two Creative Group, and it was just a couple of guys figuring out how the hell to run a marketing agency.

Then there was the $10K Bootcamp. And everything changed.

Orchestrated by Colorado outfit UGURUS and Chief Guru Brent Weaver, $10K Bootcamp is an intensive, 10-week sales training for web professionals, set in a peer group with 8-10 other agencies from anywhere in the world, who meet weekly by video chat with a mentor and group facilitator.


Every week we have new curriculum, peer presentations, critique and feedback, group discussion and setting accountabilities in a real-time learning environment.

The purpose is to learn and practice how to sell web projects for $10K.


Hailing From The Rocky Mountains

That’s where we met Stu Swineford, Principal of Relish Studio in Boulder, CO, a digital agency serving purpose-driven businesses. Far senior to us in the web game (we were the least experienced of our group), Stu was in our small peer group and brought valuable experience and perspective.

You can imagine our elation in the first group video chat when discovering a fellow agency owner was a longhair. We were fast friends, and the hair whips and virtual high fives were probably annoying to everyone else in the group.

We had the good fortune of meeting Stu for the first time in person in San Diego on a trip to the coast, and being an accomplished business owner, recreation enthusiast and veteran longhair we took the opportunity to bring him on The Longhairs Professional Series.

Lucky for you we recorded the whole thing, and here it is: Stu Swineford on The Longhairs Podcast.

What you'll hear about:

  • Learning and doing: the process of winging it
  • Cutting your hair to match your car, then regretting it
  • Running a business that makes the world better
  • Poofy hair
  • Excuses why El Chuckarino won’t grow his hair out and why this is causing a division in his family

You Should Really Hear This


This podcast was fantastic. Beyond rapping with Stu and hearing about his business successes, it gave us a chance to reflect on our experience in $10K Bootcamp.

Round Two Creative Group started it all. It’s where we cut our teeth in the web game. It’s where we learned how to run a business. It’s where The Longhairs was born.

There never would have been The Longhairs if it wasn’t for Round Two.

We have to credit UGURUS with learning what it takes to run a successful agency. Without $10K Bootcamp, our mentor Sheldon and the other agencies in our group, we would have never made it this far.

And The Longhairs would be still be just an idea and a funny commercial.

So if THAT isn’t enough for you to listen, you CANNOT MISS Stu getting his hair caught in his belay device and having to rip it out like a rabbit biting its own foot off.

Link up with Stu on Linkedin, Twitter and his site Relish Studio.

And if you are a freelancer or agency owner, you have to enroll in $10K Bootcamp. Hear our experience first hand when we joined the boss man Brent Weaver during the UGURUS webinar


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