Let It Ride: The World’s First Pro Wrestling Magician on The Longhairs Professional Series

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The World’s First Pro Wrestling Magic Comedian

On Episode 26 of Let It Ride, The Longhairs connected with the world’s first and only pro wrestling magic comedian, who not surprisingly also has fine streaming golden locks. As his title suggests, our interview didn’t disappoint.

Our master of flow with his magic mane has carved out a unique niche for himself: by day he is Greg Dow, a magician/comedian for hire at your party, professional event or trade show.

But for his clientele seeking something more outrageous and memorable, he dons a custom-designed big time wrestling mask and appears as magical long-maned maniac, The Shocker.


Based in Las Vegas, he travels around the world as a full-time professional performer.

Among other notable appearances he’s been featured on Penn & Teller: Fool Us and Masters of Illusion, performed two consecutive years on Halloween at The Magic Castle, and may or may not be appearing very soon on Showtime at the Apollo.


Since growing up listening to Iron Maiden and Motley Crue, through managing magic shops and comic book stores, working on his craft and delivering on expectations, he’s done what it takes to build a successful business around his creative passion.

And he’s done it on his terms, refusing to cut his hair. He’s another hallmark example of the men featured in The Longhairs Professional series, who prove you can be a successful man in your professional career with a robust head of lettuce.


Unfortunately we couldn’t meet in the center ring, but we got to rap with The Shocker...or should we say, El Shocker. He’s wasn’t pulling any rabbits out of his hat, but he did have a few tricks up his sleeve.

What you'll hear about:

  • Being the masked maniac of magic
  • Proving the the haters wrong
  • Copy of Proving the the haters wrong
  • Getting a perm
  • The creative performance
  • Getting invited to The Magic Castle
  • Avoiding convertibles and drinking fountains


The Shocker on The Longhairs Podcast

He’s a magician, comedian, entertainer, performer, businessman and authentic longhair for life. Like him or hate him you’re going to remember him, listen to the shocking saga unfold with Greg Dow known in some circles as The Shocker, on The Longhairs podcast.

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