Long Hair Little Leaguers

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What’s Wrong With Long Hair in Little League?

Meet Eli. He’s 10 years old and has long hair in little league. We got a letter from his mom:
Eli, a long hair in little league, playing catcher

Hello Longhairs,

I'm reaching out to you because my micro human is on the verge of throwing in the towel and chopping off his long locks!

He has been rocking the long hair for most of his life, donated in 2019, and was super excited to go on this donation journey again. He's been wearing his donation shirt with pride and making sure his hair stays healthy, until recently…

The blues (umps) at all his baseball tournaments think he's a girl. As a catcher, he interacts with the blues a lot and gets upset. Mama bear (that's me) can only do so much behind the fence to correct the situation. At school, he gets teased a lot for his long hair too.

It's getting harder and harder for him to shrug it off or ignore it. I have always been supportive, and told him I would help him cut it off (and donate of course), but I think he would be sad and miss his hair and miss being a part of The Great Cut 2024.

Are there any words of encouragement or advice you could give him (or me) to help? Thank you again for making this great community for young (and young at heart) longhairs. We love your products and content. It's nice for the micro human to see men letting it ride.

- Jessi

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about little guys getting grief about their long hair. First we heard about Arthur getting picked on, and soon we learned about nationwide incidents of bullies and boys with long hair. Then there are schools with discriminatory dress codes, disciplining boys with long hair and sending them to in-school suspension.

When it comes to long hair in little league…what’s the big deal??

Is it Against the Rules to Have Long Hair in Little League?

It’s pretty well-documented that long hair thrives on the baseball field, from long hair in the majors to these little leaguers with top-shelf flow. But are there any little league rules that actually prohibit boys from having long hair?

Nope. After close examination of the Guidelines for Appearance of Little Leaguers® issued by Little League International, it’s clear there is no mention of hair whatsoever. Instead, the guidelines cover important things, like proper safety equipment.

So what if you’re a little league longhair and you’re getting comments about your hair?

Eli, a long hair in little league, wearing his Great Cut 2024 T-shirt

Going to Bat For Little League Longhairs

First of all, there is a global community of guys with long hair who are on your team, right here at The Longhairs. More importantly, all that matters is that you’re confident in yourself.

So for Eli and all the long hair little leaguers: if you’re getting grief from umpires, coaches or even your teammates, you look ‘em square in the eye, stone-faced, and tell ‘em point blank:

Big Time Ball Players...Have Big Time Hair

Here’s another little boost from the big-time longhaired ball players at The Longhairs.

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