Ground Floor Murals: Painting The Town With Hands That Are Brown

From The Ground Up

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Let It Ride Episode 101: From The Ground Up

Our guests on this episode are a San Diego grassroots community-building love story, who from the beginning shared a mutual agreement they would be creating alongside each other for the rest of their lives, who strive to instill a sense of self-love and pride in people and communities, paying homage to the cultures that formed them, with imagery you can see, relate to, and connect with—from the ground up.

They seem to share a close belief with one of our own core values, “Building and influencing community from San Diego outward.”

Lovers and artists of color, painting the town with hands that are brown, they’re the artists of Ground Floor Murals: listen to Signe Ditona and Paul Jimenez on The Longhairs podcast.

What you'll hear about:

  • Paul and Signe’s creative love story
  • Spray painting during quarantine
  • Ground Floor Murals’ first commission
  • The importance of community
  • Getting commissioned by the Padres
  • If you should need an extra boost of motivation

Don’t miss the best love story we’ve ever heard on Let It Ride.

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Ground Floor Murals

Signe Ditona and Paul Jiminez have been cultivating art since 2020, striving to give back to the communities that raised them.


Ground Floor Murals With Tony Gwyn Jr

Experience Ground Floor Murals’ Art in San Diego

Mural of Fernando Tatís Jr. by Ground Floor Murals (Ocean Beach)
Fernando Tatís Jr. (Ocean Beach)
Mural of Manny Machado by Ground Floor Murals (Chula Vista)
Manny Machado (Chula Vista)
Mural of Joe Musgrove by Ground Floor Murals (Grossmont High School)
Joe Musgrove (Grossmont High School)
Mural of Junior Seau by Ground Floor Murals (City Heights)
Junior Seau (City Heights)
Mural of Yu Darvish by Ground Floor Murals (Convoy)

Yu Darvish (Convoy)

and many more.


The Writing On The Wall
June 26, 2021

The Writing On The Wall

The coincidental story behind Groundfloor Murals’ 30-foot high, staggeringly lifelike mural of Fernando Tatís Jr., hair ties included.
This episode of Let It Ride is brought to you by Hair Ties For Guys, the finest hair ties in the world. Guaranteed.

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In what city should Ground Floor Murals paint their next mural?