The Best Of 2021, And What To Expect In 2022

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How It Went Down in 2021

In classic form, we saved this New Year’s post for January 3.

You’ll notice a contrast between this and our first New Year’s post from 2015, Long Hair, New Year, Keep Letting It Ride! Most obvious is the difference in production value, coherence, overall polish, and the presence of a storyline.

This one is highlighted by members of our staff reliving their best moments at The Longhairs from 2021, the announcement of our new global headquarters in a 5,000-square foot reinforced concrete bunker, and a sneak peek at our new products and packaging redesign, into which we dedicated the most intense, focused team effort and resources of any project in 2021.

While the differences are clear, the takeaways strike the same chord: we’re going to keep creating, and we’re going to keep letting it ride. Here’s a slice of what to expect, as we thank you for being part of The Longhairs in 2022.

Wishing you joy, prosperity and five to eight inches of healthy hair growth in the new year.