The Longhairs squad shows off their new tattoos in front of Bear Cat Tattoo Gallery Headquarters

It’s The Longhairs For Life

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It Was Due Time

It was a foregone conclusion we’d get the bound shears tattooed someday, El Moreno and me. For us it’s been The Longhairs for life since the beginning. When, where, what exactly it would look like—no one knew, nor was there a particular urgency.

It wasn’t on our radar when Sam Ringenberg asked for our blessing to get a Longhairs tattoo, then drove to San Diego where Matt Heinz blasted him up with a 12-inch masterpiece on his back shoulder.

Soon after came Stefan Kloppenburg with the calf hit, then Brian Morehouse with the power forearm. Next it was Austin Jackson with the first solid version, then Mahala Smith turned up with an elegant side-body piece alongside Children With Hair Loss.

Sams backpiece of The Longhairs Logo
Sam Ringenberg
Stefan Kloppenburg calf tattoo of The Longhairs
Stefan Kloppenburg
Brian Morehouse forearm tattoo
Brian Morehouse
Austin Jackson with the forearm tattoo of The Longhairs logo
Austin Jackson
Mahala Smith showing off her rib cage tattoo of The Longhairs logo
Mahala Smith


It’s hard to overemphasize how much it means to us that people are getting tattoos of the bound shears. It goes far beyond running a company, or hair ties, or even hair whips and high fives. It’s transcendent.

The bound shears is a symbol of individualism and resisting conformity, but also unity and a culture of community. It can be casual and laid back, or bold and assertive. It’s classic, time-tested, well-mannered and proper; yet wantonly discordant and gleefully eccentric, somehow all at once. It’s clear, intentional and resolute, reflecting the most confident image of self in the mind’s eye.

And for each individual who gets the tattoo, the bound shears means something even more personal, a symbol with which he or she feels inexorably connected for life.

Driving The Tattoo Train

For all these dedicated enthusiasts, it was the emerging leadership of El Spencerino and El Sicario who drove the progress at HQ.

“Let’s do it…when are we doing it…let’s get it scheduled…” and so on.

With the boys on our ass, and the fact we’ve been collaborating with a master tattoo artist for the better part of 10 years, we were out of excuses. It was time to ink up or shut up.

We rallied up the posse. And we got it done.

Chris Healy aka El Rubio Flashing is tatto gif
Spencer flashing his tattoo gif
Jose aka El Sacario slowly flashing his tattoo
Lindsay Barto aka El Moreno flashing his bound shears tattoo gif

The Longhairs For Life

Presenting The Bound Shears: In Ink

Sam Ringenberg


The Original Longhairs Tattoo Revisited

Yo Longhairs! Very excited to celebrate the epic bond The Longhairs have created for us all! It’s impressive how far The Longhairs have come, but it's no surprise given the dedication of their team, and the spirit of this community.

Nearly five years ago I got the very first Longhairs tattoo, flawlessly done by Matt Heinz at Bearcat Tattoo Gallery, and had the pleasure of doing an early episode (11!) of Let It Ride with El Rubio and El Moreno immediately after.

As someone who had been following along since the early days, it was a memorable experience being at the original Little Italy HQ, and seeing so many things I recognized from videos and tutorials, that helped me take my long hair to the next level.

While I think there was a bit of surprise from El Rubio and El Moreno that I was committed to blasting the bound shears (over a foot long) on my left shoulder, I knew before I even got it that I was just the first of many to celebrate our community in this fashion.

Many others have joined over the years, and I have no words for the excitement I got watching the stories of El Moreno, El Rubio, El Sicario, and El Spencerino getting their bound shears inked at Bearcat Tattoo Gallery as well! (Looking at you El Gustavo, El Chuckerino, hmmm.)

There is no ceiling to what The Longhairs can accomplish, and I hope each person reading this gets anywhere near the level of stoke I get from this community. Not a day goes by that I don’t use a tip I’ve learned from The Longhairs, and I will forever cherish being the first to permanently emblazon the bound shears prominently on my body.

Bravo to the new members of the Longhair Lifers, and I look forward to many more additions over the years, as well as flashing the badge at events like the Great Cut 2024! Much love!

Stefan Kloppenburg

Stefan Kloppenburg with The Longhairs logo tattooed onto his calf

The idea for the tattoo was spontaneous but not without thought. I think The Longhairs have encapsulated a lot of ideas that resonate with me in the elegant slogan "let it ride“. The attitude and the logo is just a beautiful way to express those.

This is what the logo means to me. The gentle but resolute refusal of having your spirit curtailed by others, be they well meaning or not and taking the liberty to just be the way you want to be. It basically says with no words the following:

"Thanks for suggesting a haircut, but the shears remain bound for good."

Brian Morehouse

Brian Morehouse holding a 50lb kettle bell overhead and displaying his bound shears tattoo of The Longhairs logo

The bound shears isn't just about having long hair. It's a permanent reminder to judge people based on their actions and their character, not how they look. That's the lesson I always want to carry with me and pass on to others.

Get to know Brian Morehouse on Let It Ride.

Austin Jackson

Austin Jackson standing outside flashing his forearm tattoo of The Longhairs logo

My tattoo means being dedicated to the longhair journey for life, regardless of how frustrating it can be at times (and all my fellow longhairs know it can be).

It means changing people's opinions on men with long hair in the modern age, but more important to me is using my tattoo to help spread awareness for Children With Hair Loss.

Multiple people have stopped me in stores to ask what my tattoo meant, and after explaining it to them I see the understanding of the journey, and some have even expressed interest in growing their own hair.

Mahala Smith

Mahala Smith showing off her Longhairs tattoo along side a tattoo of the Children With Hair Loss logo

I’m 20, all the way from Maine, and I’m a past recipient of Children With Hair Loss. I received several hair replacements from them. I found out about The Longhairs a little bit before The Great Cut. I was finally old enough to get a tattoo without parent permission and made sure I saved money.

Obviously I wanted my first tattoo to be something special. Then the perfect idea came to mind…why not the two most influential and important organizations that both came into my life? I love showing off my tattoos and spreading awareness. And I got them right close to my heart where they belong!

Garry Simpson

Garry Simpson showing off his Longhairs tattoo

I have been a musician my whole life, I started getting into music when I was 8 and I never looked back since. As soon as I saw Angus Young from AC/DC I knew I wanted long hair.

I decided to get the tattoo after following the Longhairs for years, what you guys stand for really hit home to me. A helpful community where everyone helps each other and supports one another through various stages of life and or hair.

That’s my reason for coming a Longhair… FOR LIFE!

El Spencerino

El Spencerino standing against wall showing off is inner forearm of The Longhiars tattoo

Having been obsessed with tattoos from a very young age, I usually like to sit on ideas for a while before I get them done. With The Longhairs, I knew very early on it was something I was going to get. The bound shears tattoo is symbolic not just for having long hair, but also of belonging. I’m not usually one for the schmaltzy “matching tattoos,” but this one was different.

When El Moreno brought up the idea of everyone getting the badge together, I was all in. Even better, he said he knew a guy. The tattoo parlor has always been one of my favorite places to hang out, and the Bearcat Tattoo Gallery was no exception. Everyone that works there is super dope, which can be rare for a tattoo shop.

The experience was a blast, and now we have the bound shears in the (relatively) same place and I feel like it has strengthened the bonds of brotherhood we all share. Despite being the newest guys here, El Sicario and I definitely feel like we’re in it for life. I’m not sure what the future holds for me, but I am sure it will be with The Longhairs.

El Sicario

El Sicario flashing his arm showing off his new Longhairs tattoo

I don’t have many tattoos, and I’m a firm believer that not every tattoo has to have some deep meaning associated with it. However, there is something special about a tattoo with a good backstory. When El Moreno started toying with the idea of the team getting blasted with the bound shears, I didn’t even hesitate.

My confidence wasn’t from some shallow desire to perform a marketing stunt. In my short time with this group I have felt so welcome and been overwhelmed with the support I’ve received in expressing myself. If you caught the tail end of my podcast episode, you'll recall that my long hair is a part of my journey to honor my island heritage, and feel connected to my Chamorro ancestors. That means everything to me.

The Longhairs are a group of people that hold fast against the pressures of conformity. The bound shears are how we resist. To some it may just seem like a silly little tattoo, but to me it shows my commitment to be true to myself, and what I hold sacred.

El Rubio

El Rubio flashing the badge (The Longhairs Logo) from his inner arm

‘Bout time we got it done, I waited longer for this one than my first tattoo. Stoked and ready to flash the badge at long hair functions and formal affairs for many decades to come.

El Moreno

El Moreno smiling showing off his Longhairs Tattoo

It’s been inked on my mind, heart and soul since day one. Now on my skin, it serves a constant visual reminder to continue to live the vision and values, not just for today…but The Longhairs for life.

Thinking About A Tattoo?

We’d love to have you join the ranks. We give open permission, though we do ask a few things:

  1. Understand and strive to The Longhairs core values.
  2. Do not say or do anything that would bring other members of our community into disrepute.
  3. Thoroughly understand the Origins and Etiquette of C’YA.
  4. Send us pictures of your tattoo! We’d love to feature you in this post.

It's The Longhairs for life!