Uncommon Determination

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You Get Out What You Put In

Kaleb Fossum has always surrounded himself with greatness. Whether it’s learning from his father, coaches, teammates, or students, Kaleb is proof that you are who you associate with.

Having played several sports from a young age, Kaleb eventually decided that football was what he wanted to specialize in. In average terms, standing at five feet, nine inches and weighing 185 pounds is a good size man. In Division I football, however, it can prove to be quite challenging. That didn’t faze Kaleb as he leaned right into it.

His tenacity and dogged determination ultimately led to a spot opening up for him on the Washington State University Cougars football team. This led to some impressive stats as a slot receiver for the Nevada Wolfpack, all in hopes of getting a call from an NFL coach like, say, Bill Belichick to come and play for the New England Patriots.

Encouragement to Go All-In

While his dreams of playing in the NFL are yet to be realized, Kaleb hasn’t taken this negatively. Rather, he looked on the bright side and realized there are so many more things to learn in life. Having been so focused on sports, he hadn’t been able to fully appreciate everything life has to offer. So he changed that.

He now strives to learn about everyone and everything. If you possess uncommon strength, skills, or knowledge, Kaleb will put you to the test.

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Are You Uncommon?

He is the co-creator of The Uncommons, whose mission is to:

Find, learn from, and challenge the most uncommon people from all walks of life.

Their work inspires us to go out and get it.

In essence, we don’t grow when life is comfortable. It’s when you’re tired, already tapped, it’s stiflingly hot, and you have to dig deep somewhere to keep your head focused on pushing yourself to keep going. To continue on when others have quit is what makes one uncommon.

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What you'll hear about:

  • How he got started in football, the trials that ensued and the life lessons learned.
  • What it feels like running back a kick in front of 100K rabid Cougar fans.
  • The moment he decided to stop relying on others.
  • Signature Division I football hair.
  • What it means to be Uncommon.

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Kaleb Fossum

Kaleb Fossum is a former Division I wide receiver and co-creator of The Uncommons. He promotes the mindset to find, learn from, and challenge the most uncommon people from all walks of life.


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