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How To Style Your Hair Prosthetic

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How Do I Style My New Hair?

We’re not talking about your hair, or even our hair. We’re talking about over 500 children every year who receive a customized hair replacement from Children With Hair Loss. While they never have to pay a dollar, this leaves many of the children with a puzzling question: how do you style your hair prosthetic?

How To Style Your Hair Prosthetic

When children started writing in with questions, the team at Children With Hair Loss realized they needed to offer education to go along with the hair replacements. But how do you style your hair prosthetic?

This work required a professional, so Children With Hair Loss called on longtime volunteer and partner, Diana Ford. A student of trichology (the study of the hair and scalp), alternative hair educator and hair prosthetic expert, Diana helped create a library of videos teaching recipients about their wigs, from proper care and maintenance to achieving a proper fit.

The videos are great, but after the first round we still didn’t have a tutorial for how to style your hair prosthetic! That’s when The Longhairs got the call.

Gif of Diana Ford straightening the wig with her hands, featured in how to style your hair prosthetic
Gif of Diana Ford curling the wig with these orange and pink cold curlers
Gif of Diana Ford working on a medium length wig pointing at the part, featured in how to style your hair prosthetic
Gif of Diana Ford rubbing her hands on a short hair wig
Gif of Diana Ford twisting the medium head of hair, featured in how to style your hair prosthetic
Gif if Diana Ford stretching out a hair tie for guys next to a brown wig

North County Hair Mission

With Diana’s studio just a short drive from San Diego, it only made sense for The Longhairs to play a supporting role in a second round of videos on prosthetic hair styling.

Tasked with filming and producing new content for the kids, El Garvinski and El Chuckarino volunteered for the mission. Watch the operation unfold as we learn how to style your hair prosthetic, meet Diana, and see why helping Children With Hair Loss is so important to her—and to The Longhairs.

The Longhairs Do Care logo next to the Children With Hair Loss Logo, featured in how to style your hair prosthetic
The Longhairs has been supporting children who cannot grow hair since 2015. We donate 1% from every sale, organize and attend events like The Great Cut and the Children With Hair Loss Charity Ball, and help with projects like this one.
Trav White, founder of mannered manes, talking about hair type

Hair Solutions by Diana Ford

Diana Ford is a hair stylist, wig technician and alternative hair educator who specializes in customizing hair solutions for women and children with hair loss. When she’s not styling hair or customizing wigs and toppers for clients, she’s traveling the world educating stylists and wig technicians.

She was a tireless, energetic volunteer at The Great Cut 2019.



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