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Legendary Longhairs in Anime Part II

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The Long Hair Anime Legend Continues

The last list of anime hairstyles was left in the awkward stage according to some of you, overlooking (arguably) some of the best long hair in anime. After getting lambasted in the comments of Part 1, these new manes are here by your suggestions, because I’d never leave you high and dry.

It’s time to count down even more of the most overpowered do’s in all of anime.

The Heros


Toad-al Long Hair for Life

Whether he’s training Naruto in the sage way or writing fiction that causes friction, this longhaired toad sage has the white weave to leave us weak-kneed.
Jiraiya smiling with his white spiky hair surrounding his face.
Jiraiya is fighting position

Renji Abarai

Bone Swords and Crimson Locks

The Crimson Locked Soul Reaper has more spirit and shag than almost anyone in the series. No matter if it’s tied up or flowing free, the bone sword samurai kept pushing forward, no matter the odds.
Renji being rained on with his crimson long hair in anime in a ponytail.
Renji holding sword ready to KILL

Yoriichi Tsugikuni / Kokushibu

Brothers in Big Hair

The love and hate these bushy brothers have is like a flute in the night. Whether they were on the same side or fighting across the ages, steel sharpened steel and these swordsmen became legends for long hair in anime.
Kokushibu standing with his long hair flowing pointing a sword at an opponent.
Yoriichi and Kokushibu’s face separated by a sword with their long hair flowing.


The Number One Headband Fan

While the journey from holder of the Number Two headband to the Number One isn’t for the faint of heart, the billowy fro belonging to Afro is something we can all aspire to.
Afro featured in the best of long hair in anime.
Afro surrounded by a blue sky about to unsheathe his sword while his hair flows like a cloud.

Byakuya Kuchiki

Flowers and Flow

First-time antagonist and remainder-time hero, the Shinigami of Flowers and Flow is always ready to show what true tranquility is in combat, conversation and capelli.
Byakuya looking back mid-speech with pleated hair, featured among the best long hair in anime.
Byakuya standing with his pleated black hair ready to draw his sword.

Future Trunks

Future Long Hair

The purple-haired hero from the Android Saga, Trunks showed up to save Goku and show that long hair in anime is alive and well in the future. No matter HOW the purple haired prince has it styled, the flow will live on.
Trunks looking off in the distance while his purple hair is tied in a ponytail as the prized long hair in anime for Dragon Ball Z.
Trunks standing with his hands in his pockets and his purple hair cut to shirt collar length.

Nacht Faust and His Long Straight Hair

The Shadow of Straight Long Hair in Anime

A man born from shadow and devils, Nacht is one complicated long hair in anime. Going from a bushy bleach-blonde to his natural obsidian waterfall, his hair matches his character growth from carefree to responding to a higher calling.
Nacht making a speech while his obsidian hair is in a ponytail as a long hair in anime.
Nacht Faust ready to engage the enemy


The Samurai of Shampoo

This stoic samurai is a long-layered legend. Fighting for what is right and protecting those who are oppressed, this serious demeanor shows in the luster of his hair.
 Jin walking forward through a blue cloudy sky ready to attack as his long hair in anime flows around him.
Jin in fighting position

The Villains

Yujiro Hanma

The Strongest Longhair on Earth

The power to punch an earthquake into submission with the hair-raising skill to fight anything in his way, this Ogre of tasseled tresses is the pinnacle of muscle and style.
Yujiro leaning against a wall with his hands in his pockets as his scarlet hair streams around his face.
Yuniro flexing and is absolutely jacked


The Monster of Manes

The Hero Hunter is out on the prowl. With magnificent peaks on his reverse split pompadour, we don’t know what’s more dangerous about this long hair in anime, his fighting style or the amount of pomade he uses.
Garou mid-strike with his white pompadour sticking jaggedly behind him.

Eren Yeager

Attack on Tresses

The long hair and even longer story of Eren is what helped spark the great anime revolution. Whether he is attacking titans or teasing his tresses, Eren is here to change the world as we know it.
Eren Yeager ready to strike
Eren surrounded by grey clouds ready to set the world on fire, his hair sitting loosely on his collar.

Madara Uchiha

The Hidden Long Hair Antagonist

The Ghost of the Uchiha is a hidden hair antagonist for the original Naruto series. With locks darker than night and a plan larger than his locks, no human can hope to stand in his way.
Madara looking down on the ninja army with his hair trailing behind him menacingly.
Madara standing firm with arm in the air


The Yokai Ronin

This platinum ronin has journeyed through the centuries in search of the strongest opponents and the greatest flow. This dogged pursuit of being the best created a great villain, and an even better anti-hero.
Sesshomaru  close up profile shot
Sesshomaru standing with his platinum hair blowing in the wind, among the most powerful long hair in anime.


The Intro Villain with the Mile-Long Mop

Not NEARLY as strong as his brother, Raditz does have something that could make Goku weep. That mile-long mop is enough to take a seat in the Saiyan hair hall of fame.
Raditz staring down at an opponent while his long hair flows freely.
Raditz staring down at an opponent while his long hair flows freely.


(But Not Quite Anime)

Samurai Jack

A Man of Mane and Pain in Anime

While not QUITE an anime hero, Jack has inspired millions to the high ball life in his day. Whether he’s fighting the forces of Darkness or meditating on his future past, Jack will always be a man of the mane.
Samurai Jack getting ready to battle Aku with his black hair tied up in a high ball.
Samurai Jack wandering the wastelands, shirtless with his hair flowing in the wind.

The Final Chapter of Long Hair in Anime?

You helped us make this list of massively mammoth do’s. When it comes to long hair in anime, these are the manes that inspire higher hair and longer locks.

Though unlikely, it’s still possible we may have missed some, so let us know who your animane-man is if he’s not represented here!

Legendary Longhairs in Anime Part I

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What long hair in anime are we missing? Share in the comments!
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