Legendary Longhairs in Anime

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Let the Story Begin

The legendary list of anime hairstyles contains only the strongest heads of lettuce and greatest characters to ever be inked onto paper.

These are the manes that leave marks on hearts and minds. It’s time to count down some of the most overpowered do’s in all fiction.

The Heros


The Silver Maned Dog

With long LUSCIOUS locks, Inuyasha is an anime hairstyles OG. If you haven’t caught up on his ludicrous journey across time you’re missing out on a story longer than his hair.

Inuyasha swiping sword with hair flowing in the wind, featured in anime hairstyles
Inuyasha standing facing you with his massive sword and hair down below his waist

Rurouni Kenshin

The Retired Red-Head

A man of high morals and burgundy tresses the only sharp object he feels comfortable around is a backwards blade. If he isn’t about the bound shears, we don’t know who is.

Rurouni Kenshin close up
Rurouni Kenshin standing with hair blowing to the right side, featured in anime hairstyles

Son Goku

The Legendary Super Slayer

You can’t make a list of anime men WITHOUT the god of Saiyans. Whether it’s his base spikes or the ankle length Super Saiyan 3, this ever changing thatch inspired generations.

Son Goku has the biggest hair in the field, featured in anime hairstyles
Close up of son goku massive mane


The Prince of All Hairdo’s

With a mound of mousse, the prince of Saiyans keeps his hair in the air. Clocking in at over HALF his height, this anime hairstyle is strong enough to withstand the mightiest of foes.
Vegeta with arms crossed and hair high
Vegeta powering up and his hair changing color, featured in anime hairstyles

Fuegeleon Vermilleon

The Fiery Mane Man

While being weak is nothing to be ashamed of, this man's maintained mane inspires hope and lights a burning desire to get better in everyone he touches.
Fuegeleon Vermilleon with fire and hair of fury, featured in anime hairstyles
Fuegeleon Vermilleon standing with hair and cape flowing

Edward Elric

Science and Shock Tops

With straw plaited locks, Edward Elric knows patience when it comes to growing over time! Most men would give an arm and leg to have half the length he does.
Edward Elric close up
Edward Elric with electric blast and electric hair, featured in anime hairstyles


Hard Boiled Hair

He wouldn’t be Oden if he wasn’t hard boiled, & there is NOTHING sawft about the main mans massive mane. Only the burning love for his family is stronger than the do.
Oden with hair close up
Oden standing ready to deploy his sword, featured in anime hairstyles

Senjuro Rengoku

Inspiration in Inches

Bring on the power mullet of FIRE! This business in the front and legend in the back golden standard is the pillar we can all depend on!
Senjuro with massive fire ball behind him
Senjuro standing showing off his amazing fire mullet, featured in anime hairstyles

The Villains


Shock Top Sannin

With waist length locks, this obsidian haired snake was the biggest threat in Naruto for years. Spending his days plotting and brushing, just a look sends a shiver down our spines.
Orochimaru showing off his locks with smerk, featured in anime hairstyles
Orochimaru standing ready for war

Buggy the Clown

Locks of the Ocean

This fair weather seafarer villain has helped the Strawhat crew out of tight spots. Whether it’s flowing free or in a knot, this clown prince of piracy is rocking the cobalt shock top forever!
Buggy the clown close up
Buggy the clown holding six swords, featured in anime hairstyles


The Hawk Haired Demon

The pure white hair of this angel hides the heart of a madman. While he may be the most vile demons in all anime, Griffith has tresses to make anyone forget their friends for follicles.
Griffith closeup
Griffith standing in all his glory, featured in anime hairstyles

The End of the Chapter of Anime Hairstyles

Whether they were going with the flow or making waves in the universe, these long hair men set the standards of style on the pages of anime history.
Who’s YOUR favorite anime longhair? Share in the comments!

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Close up of the Bar-uto
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