Lewis Hamilton & The World’s Fastest Braids

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Lewis Hamilton's 200 Mile Per Hour Braids

In the world of motorsports, Formula 1 is considered the pinnacle. Marvels of engineering, these open-wheel single-seat race cars reach straight-away speeds in excess of 200 mph, taking turns at over 150 mph. Amidst the speed, one man’s flow dominates the field. His name is Lewis Hamilton, and his immaculate braids reign supreme as the fastest hair in sports.

A Global Force

Since 1946, Formula 1 or F1 has consistently pushed the limits of what is possible in motor racing. It can be deadly for the drivers, risking it all to determine who truly is the fastest racer on the track.

In recent years the Netflix series, Drive To Survive, has driven massive interest in the sport in the United States. While American popularity grows, F1 has been a global sensation for decades, clocking in as the third-most watched sport in the world.

A Prodigy Enters The Grid

In 2007 a young driver who had previously dominated karting, British Formula Renault, Formula 3, and GP2 racing burst onto the F1 scene, finishing third in his debut race. The first driver to achieve this in the sport's 58-year history, he continued to impress his entire rookie season, ultimately finishing second in the world drivers championship.

Unheard of for a rookie.

Despite his racing prowess and domination on the track, Lewis Hamilton hadn’t yet bloomed into the iconic longhair we know him as today.

The Lewis Hamilton Hair Controversy

In the early years of his F1 career, Lewis Hamilton sported a more practical, short, fade-style haircut. He won his first world drivers championship title as a shorthair in 2008, when it must have been easier to wear a racing helmet. Though a monumental achievement, there was something receding in his performance.

By 2012 it seemed Lewis was slumping, sitting in fourth position for the championship. With noticeable thinning and a receding hairline, he was on the fast track to baldness—probably no coincidence he was struggling on the racetrack.

Lewis Hamilton with his hair balding on the front during an interview circa 2008
Photograph: James Moy/Press Association Images
Fast forward to 2016 and the controversy begins. Lewis Hamilton's hair miraculously grew back with thickness and density, around which time he started growing it long.
Lewis Hamilton on the left balding and then with his hair grown back on the right

Many have claimed he received a hair transplant, which Lewis has denied from the outset. His reasoning was bad hair care, lotions and hotel soap products that caused his hair loss.

This won’t surprise our regular readers, who know the importance of quality hair care, and how hard it can be to navigate the sea of snake oil and witchcraft when it comes to hair growth.

Was It A Hair Transplant or Just Better Hair Care?

While poor hair care and cheap products can contribute to hair loss, switching to better products isn’t going to reverse male pattern baldness. So did Lewis Hamilton get a hair transplant?

We can only speculate. He could have been losing hair for any number of reasons, and there could have been any number of solutions. In the end, does it matter what Lewis did to reclaim his hair?

Whether it was a change in his hair care routine, medical treatment, laser therapy or a surgical procedure, it really doesn’t matter. If you were losing hair against your will, wouldn’t you do whatever was within your means to keep your flow intact?

I think we all would.

No matter how Lewis made his massive follicle rebound, it just so happened his racing accelerated with his hairline.

Lewis Hamilton Has Championship Hair

As Lewis Hamilton's hair grew, so did his trophy case. He went on to win championships in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, racking up a record-tying seven championship titles. With more pole positions and race wins than any other driver in history, he’s arguably the greatest of all time.

Though he’s rocked all types of long hairstyles through the years, the braids have certainly become his signature look.

Along with the wins and killer braids, he’s achieved the status of fashion icon, rocking crazy swag and gracing endless magazine covers with the flow on full display.

Still We Rise

Will Lewis Hamilton claim his eighth title in 2022, thus becoming the undisputed greatest F1 driver of all time? Currently in 6th place in the drivers championship, 116 points back from the leader Max Verstappen, it would take a miracle for him to win it all this year.

He may be down, but like his signature slogan, “Still I Rise” (a nod to the 1995 2-Pac + Outlawz album), Lewis and his locks will be poised to rise again next year.

Regardless of the standings, we can all agree that Lewis Hamilton has the fastest hair in sports.

Do you think Lewis Hamilton is the G.O.A.T.?