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From The Ground Up

In Celebrate by El Rubio1 Comment

San Diego artists Paul Jiminez and Signe Ditona strive to build unity through art, with a positive influence on the community. Get to know Ground Floor Murals on episode 101 of Let It Ride.

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It’s For Life

In Celebrate by El Moreno5 Comments

Tattoo artist Matt Heinz has been skillfully tattooing art-loving clients at Bearcat Tattoo Gallery since 2013. He talks long hair and tattoos on Let It Ride.

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Do I Really Have to Cut My Hair to Get a Job?

In Advocate by El Maestro27 Comments

Must I cut my hair to get a job? It can be a realistic question for guys with long hair. In the worst cases men may be forced to choose dough over flow. Longhaired university professor El Maestro shares his experiences with long hair and employment, plus his top four tips for getting the job AND keeping your locks.