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The Chocolate Man With The Chocolate Mane

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Making A Living Making Chocolate

This is episode 87 of Let It Ride…and we’re talking long hair and chocolate. Botanical chocolate to be exact, made with organic, raw, wild harvested cacao.

What is botanical chocolate?

You’ll have to hear it from our guest, the founder and CEO of YES Cacao, but imagine limiting the traditionally high processed sugar content in “off the shelf” chocolate, instead favoring medicinal herbs chosen to target specific desired functions and outcomes.

Increase your endurance, enhance your brain power, or simply bliss out with cacao harvested from old growth trees in the Ecuadorian jungle.

It’s a chocolate delivery system if you will, and YES Cacao is hitting chocolate bombs in the ecommerce world, having a great deal of success in a historically saturated industry.

Perhaps equally impressive is the founder’s decadent flow, intentionally or unintentionally the same color as the smooth, rich, chocolatey brown cacao his company purveys.

We know. Sounds tasty.

He’s a big time hair guy, he lives a YES philosophy, and he is in fact a high school classmate of El Rubio—Fremont High class of 2000.

He’s the chocolate man with the chocolate mane...he is Justin Polgar, and he is letting it ride.

What you'll hear about:

  • What do you mean by botanical chocolate?
  • Effectively using chocolate as medicine.
  • Literally eating a half a pound of chocolate a day.
  • What gives chocolate its ‘snap?’
  • How to get amazing curls like these.

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Justin Polgar

Justin Polgar: The Minister of Chocolate

Founder and CEO of YES Cacao, Justin is a chocolate innovator with a background in holistic health and wellness, embracing the cacao bean as a delivery system for botanicals. Having formulated over 50 delicious potions blended into wild-harvested chocolate, he personally consumes half a pound of chocolate daily.

A bonafide longhair and former classmate to El Rubio at Fremont High School, The Minister of Chocolate is juicing us up with a coupon for 25% off your first order:


Valid through the end of October, 2020.

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