17 Months of Hair Growth…I Have Finally Arrived

September 5, 2020
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There’s Just Going to be Times When It Sucks

That goes for your hair growth and your life. Things will never be perfect; it's how you deal with the circumstances you are presented that really matters.

With such unrest and uncertainty in 2020 it seems every day things are changing in some major way. It seems we are mentally and physically drained by all this, now more than ever.

There’s a constant battle for our attention being waged daily, blasting us like a high pressure fire hose with stimulus overload. It can be overwhelming on our minds, bodies and emotions.

With this massive and constant surge of information, I’ve been asking myself lately…“Am I focusing on what really matters?”


What Really Matters?

There are many things that matter—to all of us. For me what matters most is my family. It’s my wife and my two beautiful daughters. It's about spending as much time with them as I possibly can.

But am I doing that?

And when I am with them…am I fully engaged? Am I present?

Or am I allowing myself to be distracted and consumed by that forceful rip current of information tugging at my mental energy, sucking me away from what truly matters?

COVID updates, breaking news, political scandal, inventory shortages, shutdowns, new opening guidelines, protests, riots, race debates; the conflict in our world brings us regularly to the edge of bursting.

Seek Adventure

Wait…just take a breath,” is what I tell myself. There’s an answer to all this.

That answer is to get out there…and seek adventure. Get away from the city, the noise and the endless distractions. Pull yourself out of the rip current and into the calm.

We all need it, it’s required for our brains to function and our souls to prosper. Even just a few hours can go a long way towards a healthy reset.

Why Adventure?

It’s important we seek out new and exciting adventures. It forces us to do things we never have, solve problems we weren’t prepared for, and connect with our instinctual desire to be in the presence of nature.

Beyond the excitement, outdoor adventure creates extra room for your mind and body, a little uncrowded space to think clearly, and breathe easy.

In some ways it’s not so different from growing long hair.

The hair growth journey is an adventure. You’ll be challenged, you’ll gain insight into yourself and better understand how natural flow makes you feel, both inside and out.

17 Months of Hair Growth

Over the last 17 months of my hair growth journey I’ve gained clarity, found new confidence and been inspired by all you guys who have made it to the promised land.

Now that my locks are gracing their rightful home on my shoulders, I can finally say, with confidence, I’ve conquered the awkward stage…at long last, I have arrived!

So cheers to continued growth of mind, body and hair. When you’re feeling strained, or pulled in too many directions, or caught in the rip current…remember to get out there, seek adventure, get into nature, and tap into your primal desires. You’ll be better for it.

As always, keep lettin’ it ride!