Let it Ride Episode 52: Sixty Degrees of Flow With Jeremy Anderson

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Pursuing Adrenaline

Jeremy Anderson is an adventure sports athlete and enthusiast, spending much of his time backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering, ice climbing, rock climbing and mountain running.

From an early age he was hucking jumps on snowmobiles in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, having since moved westward to pursue life’s adventure.

He’s built two real estate businesses to support his pursuits, in addition to securing sponsorships with equipment outfitters across the adventure sports spectrum. He’s basically doing what every outdoor enthusiast and adventure athlete lives for.

Suffice to say Jeremy’s a real badass, and you can hear him talking shop with us on The Longhairs Professional Series.


What you'll hear about:

  • Pasties and growing up in the U.P.
  • Surviving in avalanche country and skiing 60º slopes
  • Managing risk and getting into “wild stuff”
  • Fitness training for adventure sports
  • Reaching your peak flow performance

Get Into Some Wild Stuff

Don’t miss the rush. Get into some wild stuff with Jeremy Anderson on The Longhairs Podcast, Episode 52.
Jeremy is an adventure sports athlete, business owner and family man. Follow him on Instagram at @jskiclimb
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Y’all do any adventure sports?

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