Metal Vocals: Wailing With Wes Horton

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It’s All In The Form

The effort you’re willing to put into your craft is what you can expect to get out of it, and Wes Horton learned this early in his music career.

For a Massachusetts metal-head, long-haired lyricist, and screaming vocalist for metalcore band The Worst of Us, the effort comes from deep within the diaphragm.

Heavy Metal Vocals, Heavy Metal Hair

This multi-talented musician with a mane that slays the game has taken heavy metal vocals seriously. Years of effort and practice and many hours of frustration have taught him that the voice isn’t like a flute, a manufactured instrument which sounds the same every time you blow into it.

It’s a biological instrument, sensitive to countless external influences from air quality to body hydration. Less predictable than a brass or percussion instrument, the voice requires organic care and maintenance, and being in-tune with your body, and great patience.

Wes Horton Wails

Kicking off his career on YouTube at the age of 18, Wes Horton has grown from a kid singing in his parents’ bedroom into a professional, touring musician. With six years of dedication to his craft and multitudes of heavy metal headbangs, he’s even perfected his headbanging technique for optimal stoke with minimal stress to the spine and vertebrae.

You can hear his insights on headbanging, and what it takes to be a metal vocalist, and being honest with yourself in the pursuit of a career in music, when you listen to Wes Horton on Let It Ride.

What you'll hear about

  • Long hair in metal
  • The secret to the perfect headbang
  • The physical demands of metal vocals
  • Problems with waist-length hair
  • Growing as an artist
  • Confidence to shred

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Wes Horton

Vocals and guitar for The Worst of Us, his music screams for itself.



The Worst Of Us

Action-packed metalcore hailing from Boston, blending a unique influence with pure love for music.

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