A Sloppy Joe in Slow-Mo

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It Takes Some Finesse

You’ve seen The Sloppy Joe, a deliciously disheveled dirty high ball for regular guys, as demonstrated by El Moreno. But if you’re like the hundreds of commenters on YouTube, you want to see the messy bun in slow motion.

While the idea is to have a long hairstyle that looks effortless, the proper execution calls for some finesse. There’s a tricky little flick of the wrist that looks easy enough, but no matter how many times you watch it at regular speed, you can’t seem to get it right.

The Messy Bun in Slow Motion

Finally, long hair expert and guest contributor Trav White demonstrates the messy bun in slow motion, from different angles, showing while explaining exactly how to get that delightfully disarrayed dirty high ball.

You’ll still have to find the perfect wrist flick for your messy mane, and whether you can master the technique is literally in your hands, but you’ll be out of excuses once you watch this bun tutorial with Trav White.

Trav White, featured in messy bun slow motion


Travis is a men’s style & grooming expert with a passion for helping guys look & feel their best. The founder of Mannered Manes, he believes that, like hair growth, life is a journey, and you’re most fulfilled when you’re always growing.

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