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The Tech Bro with the Righteous Flow

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And You Thought WE Send A Lot of Emails

If you’re into email, you’re gonna love this show. In credible company with longhair executives GB Heidarsson and Dave Littlechild, today’s guest on The Longhairs podcast is Matt Vernhout, and Matt is a big time tech guy.

Email tech to be exact…and there’s a lot of lettuce in email (it’s believed only audio guys have a higher percentage of flow).

An email technology professional with over 20 years in the industry, he’s worked at leading ESPs, he’s Editor & Chief of, and he’s overseen billions of commercial and transactional email deliveries for some of the world’s largest marketers and agencies.

Most recently he was named the Vice President of Deliverability for Netcore Solutions, an AI-Powered Marketing platform used by more than 5,000 brands worldwide.

He’s the Tech Bro with The Righteous Flow…Matt Vernhout is letting it ride on The Longhairs podcast.

What you'll hear about:

  • The sheer number of emails sent every day globally
  • The nuance of email deliverability at scale
  • El Rubio getting severely tongue tied
  • Shady email tactics in 2020
  • Get your relief funding!
  • Shipping notification!
  • Get your PPE delivered!
  • Long hair in tech

Maximize your deliverability with Matt Vernhout on The Longhairs podcast.

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Bros On This Episode

Matt Vernhout

Matt Vernhout

An email technology professional with over 20 years in the industry, Matt Vernhout AKA El Correo Electrónico is Editor & Chief of and Vice President of Deliverability for Netcore Solutions.


El Rubio | Chris Healy

El Rubio

Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Manetenance Officer for The Longhairs, El Rubio is a writer, traveler, avid skier and athlete. He writes most of the words you read from The Longhairs.


El Moreno | Lindsay Barto

El Moreno

Co-Founder, President & Chief Follicle Officer for The Longhairs, El Moreno is a husband, father, athlete and creator. He makes most of what you see and interact with on The Longhairs websites.


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