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El Evano’s First Hair Update

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Evan Peterson: The Longhairs’ Email Guy

Yo Longhairs! Evan Peterson AKA El Evano here, and you might not know me but I’m the guy who sends the emails you get from The Longhairs.

The Longhairs is a creative and rapidly growing company. I have been on their team for several years. The Hair Ties For Guys are a versatile, high-quality product. In addition to using them for long hair, I wear them around my wrist, hold loose cords together, and my dad even uses them to keep the contents of his wallet intact.

As someone who grew up in the midwest with monthly haircuts, I couldn’t think of a better time to grow my hair out than this year. Not only am I growing it out I’m getting the west coast guys, El Moreno and El Rubio, off my case about my shorter hair.

Watch my first hair update in my long-awaited journey to long hair. (And subscribe to The Longhairs’ email list!)

Evan Peterson
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El Evano

Evan Peterson is the co-founder and principle of Healthie Media, email marketing experts serving small and mid-size e-commerce businesses. He’s been The Longhairs’ email guy since 2018, travelled from Ohio to attend The Great Cut, and won $100 from El Rubio on a bet he could do 25 pull-ups.


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