Let it Ride Episode 58: The Longhairs Professional Series with Roland Oberdorfer

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By happenstance we were introduced to yet another badass longhair executive in the digital space. Roland Oberdorfer is an managing partner at German agency Diconium, which acquired SiteOlytics, a digital company he founded where he’d developed an automated SEO tool using behavioral targeting and predictive analytics.

All in all things are working out pretty well.

We pounded Roland in a 4-on-1 maylay, peppering him with questions about SEO and digital technology, including some extremely limited commentary from El Chuckarino and El Gustavo.

Forgive the technical jargon, but suffice to say Roland has been crushing in the digital game with flow for days.


What you'll hear about:

  • Taking a digital agency to acquisition
  • The Google algorithm
  • Rapping on the whiteboard
  • No one asks about your hair when you’re a partner
  • Stealing your daughter’s hair ties

Oberdorfuckin Awesome

It’s every man for himself in this digital royal rumble. Listen to Roland Oberdorfer on The Longhairs Podcast, Ep 58.

El Amigo Aleman

Roland Oberdorfer is managing partner of digital agency Diconium US, founder of SiteOlytics, ecommerce pro and long hair enthusiast.
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Who else should we invite on The Longhairs Professional Series?

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