BMX Pro Ratty Maty is Letting it Ride

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Our First BMX Professional on Let It Ride

Wouldn’t you know it? Right there at Adams Avenue Bicycles in San Diego (recommended so highly by El Moreno I drove all the way from Ocean Beach)...I met BMX pro Ratty Maty.

Of course, I didn’t know it at the time. As a BMX kid I grew up idolizing guys like Mat Hoffman, Dennis McCoy, TJ Lavin and Ryan Nyquist, watching X-Games and posting their pictures on my wall.

I’ve even met younger pros Chad Kerley and Parker Heath right here in San Diego, but not keeping up on the BMX circuit like I once did, I didn’t immediately recognize Ratty Maty.

There I was getting my BMX cruiser tuned up, and I notice this bro with super long brown hair, almost to his waist. It looked slightly mangled, so I offered my assistance.

Extending him a Longhairs referral card, he was quick to welcome help with his mane and thanked me. It wasn’t until the shop technician Chuck gave me the high sign that I realized Maty was a BMX pro!

The Bike Life

Designed by Ratty Maty
3, 2, 1…DROPPING!

Next thing ya know...POW! We got him dialed in with an action sports pro package of hair ties, headwraps, t-shirts, hair serum, and shampoo & conditioner, juiced him up with some basic hair tips and routines, and now his locks are gleaming and streaming!

Then we had him on Let It Ride and it was SICK!

He is the only man in recorded history to compete in a leopard print thong, or a string as they call in France, or….le string, listen to Ratty Maty on The Longhairs podcast.

What you'll hear about:
  • Growing up in small town Northern California
  • When you find mold in your locs
  • Making people laugh; making an impact
  • Riding a BMX competition in a leopard print thong
  • Vulnerability
  • El Rubio trying to sneak in BMX crashes from his youth

Go For a Cruise Bro?

After the show we cruised down through Ocean Beach on our BMX’s and I almost made us crash, so Maty might not ride with us again but the podcast is a 9.9.

Bonus Q & A with Ratty Maty

Ratty Maty is a BMX professional from Cottonwood, CA, riding out of San Diego for 4 years. Follow him @rattymaty or buy stickers on his website at, which El Rubio has already affixed to a prominent location on his computer.


Tell us about growing up in Cottonwood, CA: The Dirty Five Thirty. Rolling hills of open fields, beautiful oak trees, and more cows than people.

How long have you been riding BMX? 19yrs

What are some competitions you’ve gone to? Went to X-games as a kid to watch. Competed in Fise in France last 2yrs.

Who are some of the guys you ride with? Parker Heath, Brendan Wirkus, Gary Young, Thomas Debatisse

What are some of your favorite tricks? Tire grabs, Switch-handers, and Fufanus(Foo-fa-news)

Do you have any good wrecks? Best wreck was when I was just starting to push the limits and jumped off a piece of wood plank I set up with some bricks under it. The wood broke and sent me flying headfirst into the pavement and had to get stitches to fix a couple holes in my face. Most recently I took a spill from about 15 feet up straight down to my shoulder/ribs area and my shoulder hasn’t been the same since.

How do you “make it” in BMX? Gotta be in with the right crowd or just happen to have great timing for an edit that just came out. Being a positive person and staying active in the BMX community and stay riding.

Why do you keep riding? It makes me feel alive, brings me joy to figure out a new line or trick, and it’s something that is an individual effort that can be shared with a group. I’m hooked for life!

Tell us about riding in a leopard-print thong! This was my first time going to France and first time competing at Fise. I do not do a lot of the crazy tricks that seem to be common in these big contests these days, so I wanted to leave an impression that showed how much fun BMX is and the reason we all still ride. So my second run on the mini ramp, I dropped my pants and dropped in wearing the thong. Airing out of the ramp and slapping my ass and smiling. It was such a rush to hear the crowd, maybe 5,000 or so, when I dropped in. Lifted my spirits incredibly high and I wanted to lift theirs just as high as they lifted mine.

When did you start growing your hair long, and why? For years I would grow my hair, then chop it, then grow it, then chop it. I loved it being in my face, pulling it up outta the way when needed, and I loved the feeling of chopping it all off too. This has been about 7yrs since I’ve had any major length cut off and I don’t plan to cut it anytime soon.

Have you ever gotten your hair caught in your bike chain? No and I hope that never happens!

What about hair care? Any routines? How do you manage? The only routine I have is putting it up in a bun at night so I don’t choke on it. Wash and conditioner once a week or two, unless I’m on a road trip, then just river/ocean/spring/sink water with fingers is all I do. You guys are helping me create a clean-routine now though!

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